Friday, June 8, 2018

Day to Day and Back to School

Let me just start by saying when your hubby has been home for a month and with you day to day, when he goes back to work it gets lonely!  And quiet!

Well, ok not too quiet with five of us at home, but you get the idea.  It is a weird transition.

One of many.

Like seeing him head to work in dress clothes rather than that familiar green flight suit.
And spending our mornings swimming and afternoons doing school.
And having all the kids home at one time.
And living in a house with minimal possessions for who knows how long.
And not having friends just around the corner to do things with.
And still waking up every morning at 5:30 because our internal clocks have not yet caught a clue.
And having trouble connecting with old friends because of that time change.
And... you get the idea.

We are still working on some details. ;)

But there are some great things happening!
Colby turns 11 on Monday!
We are blessed to have a pool and hot tub at this temporary house and loving that!
We LOVE all of the sun!
We are starting to find our way around some and having fun exploring.
The girls have found a cute little coffee house around the corner from our house to escape to.
Clarke likes his new job already and has been warmly welcomed.
We are anticipating friends moving here and several friends visiting in the fall.

 And we KNOW and TRUST that God has a plan and it is good.  And so we are working hard on practicing patience while we wait through this transition.

What better way to wait than do school! ;)  Just ask the boys!  OK, don't ask the boys.  They are not as excited as I am!

But start back to school we did!

Because we homeschool, we do tend to school "year round."  We do school when we can and we take breaks when we need to.  Prior to this move we took a two week break and then the first week here off.  But let's face it, with no house to settle into and no friends yet, we have a lot of spare time on our hands.  We have several things we (read mom) wanted to work on, and we try to always continue forward with math.  Colby is working on Music Appreciation and writing as well, while Salem is doing some summer reading and a Algebra review to prepare to take a CLEP test at the end of the summer.  My only regret is that I did not just bite the bullet and bring their next grade school stuff.  I just did not think that far out.  On several things...but that is a post for Monday!

Regardless, while it is REALLY hot outside, we are spending about 2 hours in the afternoon inside schooling.  It is a nice break and sometimes familiarity is good for the soul.

Trust me, my soul could use some familiarity!


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