Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Quick Catch Up

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Welcome to Arizona.

Attitudes are big and patience is small. Ours, not the locals.  They have been lovely.

Poor dogs had a huge space in the car but insisted on laying on top of each other!
My view for THREE days of driving!
Lest you get the wrong idea and think this family is perfect let me quickly correct you. We have had a whirlwind past month (major house staging and packing up, house on the market, sold and unsold, 5 day trip to get college kid, husband's hernia surgery, retirement a week later complete with visits of friends and family and large party, a week of packers and movers, a three day trip to AZ riddled with long days and a overheating truck pulling a car, settling into a rental and house hunting for the next two days and realizing we will be in this house which is not close to where we want to buy at least until the end of July), and we are tired- and prone to being cranky.

Did I forget anything?  Oh yes, now we have two sick kiddos, one of which had to go to an urgent care.

We are taking the weekend off, hunkering down, trying to relax, regroup, and reconnect. We need some down time and it shows.

On the upside, and there is always one when you look for it, we have a pool and hot tub at this AirBNB to enjoy

the sun is always shining

and the area is beautiful!

We have been exploring a bit, founds several areas we really like and even went to a farmer's market today.  Tomorrow we are headed to a local church- hopeful to find a new church to call home and be in fellowship with.

If you think of us, whisper a prayer- moving away from those we love is hard and often lonely.  Being in temporary quarters no where near where will settle adds to the challenge.


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