Friday, November 10, 2017

Blogging On

Welcome friends!  As you may have noticed by now, Family, Faith and Fridays is a conglomerate of subjects- from homeschooling, to reviews, to modesty, meal plans and raising kids, to random thoughts from my head.

Some call it a Lifestyle Blog.

Some just call it craziness and are along for the ride.

Either way, I am glad you are here and I appreciate that you stick with us.

Gotta be honest here for a minute.  When I began blogging several years ago I wrote every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Every. Single. One.  I must have had a lot to say I guess.  Then as my kids got older, I found myself with less spare time to write and with less to write as life, well, things that just were not public knowledge to protect the privacy of growing and maturing young adults.

But, quite frankly, it put me into a panic when I skipped a day because I was afraid I would lose my readership.

And maybe I did some days.

My intention was never to make money off this blog (I do not) or be a power blogger (I am not).  My intentions were to share my heart, help homeschooling mommas like me, and occasionally inspire or relate to some of you.

When you are the writer behind a blog it is hard to measure those things.  Is success a number?  Is it how many people viewed your blog in any given day or how many followers you have or even how many people leave comments?

The jury is still out on that!

Recently, I have contemplated shutting this blog down for various reasons.


Then I put up a post like Refined, and I stop in my tracks.

There are people out there still reading this blog.  And they are people just like me that need a little encouragement and need to know they are not alone.

Know how I know that?  For every comment you see on my posts on our FB page, I received twice that many in my personal email or messages.  People who reach out with a simple thanks or personal story and remind me that we all need cheerleaders in our lives.

So for now, I am sticking around!  After all, I have some cheering to do!



  1. Glad you are not quitting. I love your blog! You are always encouraging me.

    1. Thank you Cassandra for your sweet words! I am glad you enjoy the blog!


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