Friday, May 12, 2017

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I know, can you believe the blog has been quiet since Monday?

I have a really good excuse reason...

Yep, this cutie patootie is home from her first year of college!  Thanks to hard work and dual crediting, when she goes back she will be a junior! 

Even the dogs were excited to see her.  And Colby, well, let's just say he was trying to lick her like the dogs! ;)

 Guess whose room will be featured on 34 Weeks of Clean soon?  'Cause I am a nice mom like that!

I am pretty sure she is glad to be home and have a break for a while,  but I know she already misses her friends!

Like her lovely roommate-

And best buddies!

The three amigos!
It was hard to worry about to worry about her too much when I knew how loved she was and what amazing friends she has!

And on top of that she had some amazing opportunities-

Like learning from and singing with professional actors-

To acting-

To singing-

To just having fun!

Don't worry Belhaven, Riley, and Peter the no drama llama will be back!

But for a while, we are just going to have some family time!



  1. Yay! Your heart must be so happy. Enjoy this time together!

  2. I love her no drama llama. :) It sounds like she had a wonderful year and I know you all will have a fabulous summer!

    1. You inspired me!! And he kept her going quite a few times. And had quite a following in Instagram apparently! :)


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