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Non Messy Art! -Thin Stix Homeschool Review Crew Review

I know, I know, messy and Art just go together, right?  I mean really, that is why I do not do a lot of art projects in my house these days with the youngest.  I used to be a fun mom- think paint, and glitter and sequins and glue.  Lots of glue.  But now I am old and tired and not a messy mom type anymore.
And that is why Thin Stix 6 pk of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc. is now my favorite art supply.  Who are we kidding,  It is just about my ONLY art supply.

We reviewed Kwik Stix a while back and had a fun time making welcome home posters for my husband.  At the time, lots of our things were packed up or at our other house and the timing for that review was perfect.  This time around we had no excuse to need to use them other than they are just plain fun!

So you may be saying, "but I thought The Pencil Grip, Inc. had fancy pencil grips for kids!"  Yes, they do!  And if you have never used them before I would suggest you give them a try.  Kids think they are so cool, and they really do help younger kids grip a pencil as well as fix bad grip problems in kids.  The company also carries many therapeutic toys and gadgets as well, but one of their newest and coolest products in my opinion is their solid tempura paints.

Yes!  You read that right!  SOLID!  No water or paintbrushes needed.  Sold already aren't you!?  They are also toxic free and dry in about 90 seconds.  They do not crack when dry and are versatile enough to use on paper, canvas, wood and more.  What else could you ask for?  Did I mention mess free?!  OK, I think you get the point.
Thin Stix by KwikStix

You just twist off the cap and use these paints like a crayon or marker.  When they run low, you just twist from the bottom for more.  The newer Thin Stix are not as bulky and allow for finer coloring skills, therefore I would suspect many older kids will enjoy them more than the original size.  I think the original Kwik Stix are better suited for preschool and elementary age kids and their chubby hands. 

I have a messy 9 year old boy.  Painting with him in the past has not been overly fun for me.  In fact, we stopped doing it to save my sanity.  While I obviously do not have to worry about him eating paint, I know that is not true for some of you with really young kids, I do have to worry about paint everywhere.  He's a boy after all.

But this is the one art supply that he has easy access to and free reign.  He enjoys using them because I am not hovering over him telling him to be careful, he can do it on his own, and they are easy to use.  Plus, no cleanup.  What else could BOY want? ;)  

For now my son has just been using the Thin Stix for simple projects in his spare time, but he has asked if we can get some of the "cool" colors to use as well.  Metalix and Neon are on our list!

In the summer when we have more time in our day for fun things like art, the Thin Stix paints are going to get even more of a workout.  And this mess free mom is going to just sit back and watch the fun!
No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}
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