Monday, May 1, 2017

34 Weeks of Clean Rinse and Repeat: Week 17- The Master Bath

Pretty soon your Master Retreat (it sounds better when you call it a retreat) will be the most amazing place in your house.  Pretty soon!  But first, we must tackle those Master Baths.  I know, I know, stick with me here.  I promise I will try to make it as painless as possible.

No sense in delaying, let's just roll up our sleeves and get started!
  • Pull everything out!  You knew I was going to say that, right?  Note to self, it is probably better to put it somewhere other than in the middle of the bathroom floor.  That does make your job a little more challenging.  Just saying.  Note- these pictures were from our first 34 Week challenge.  I failed to take good pictures this year!  Sometimes life just gets the best of you.  The good news is that this year this project was not nearly as overwhelming. 

  • Once everything is out, wipe out all of the drawers and shelves.
  • Now we are going to sort AS we return things to their space.  First of all, notice I said "sort!"  If it is old and tired, throw it out.  If it is not being used, get rid of it.  If you do not love it, out it goes.  See a pattern here?  We do not NEED or USE most of what we have, so why do we insist on keeping it all?  
          Case in point- this is my makeup drawer.  Really it is.  And before you think, "well, she just doesn't do makeup," trust me, I do!  Wouldn't be seen without it.  But I can only use one thing at a time.  So I have one. thing. at. a. time.  Occasionally I do get free samples and such that I plan on using, so they are housed in a tiny makeup bag in the cabinet.  Other than that though, the rule is to use something up before buying more.

Second of all, notice I said, return to their space.  Think this out and have a plan!  Everything should be assigned a dedicated space.   It it like a puzzle sometimes, I understand, but make it work for you. I had no system at first and things tended to just get thrown in.  Hence the mess!

  • Have a place for anything you stock up on!  For me it is just a small plastic bin.  Extra shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and such go there.  If that bin is full, we do not need more.  No matter how great a sale is.  Let's be smart shoppers, not hoarders!  There is a difference, folks!
  • If you keep medicine in your bathroom, now is the time to go through it.  For safety's sake, dispose of (properly) anything old and expired.  Keep only what you really think you need and use.
  • Now you are ready to deep clean your bathroom and move on!
           Don't forget-
           Toilets, tubs, and shower
           Throw rugs
           Wash your shower curtain and replace the liner if needed
           Light switches and light fixtures
           Walls! (hairspray, anyone?)
           Pictures and do-dads! (Can I just say, the bathroom is probably not the cleanest place for do-dads!  If they are really things that you love and bring you joy, put them in a place where you can better enjoy them.)
           Baseboards and doors
           Even the tops of any cabinets! 

And that trash pile?  Out it goes!

You did it!  Yay for you!

My current bathroom

As a reward I am going to give you a sneak peek at one of my favorite things in my prize basket. Last year I found this book called Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp.  Don't worry, your copy will be new and minus all of my notes, high lighting, and dog eared pages! ;)

This book is so good you may just want to go ahead and buy a copy now and if you win, you can make a new best friend by gifting a copy to someone else.  This book is full of the why's and how to's of getting rid of clutter, teamed with A LOT of humor.  Guys, we might as well laugh. Or else we may cry, right?!  I think this Kathi gal and I could be best buddies and I have already put all of her other books on my wish list- after I find a few more to get rid of in my current stack, don't worry.
Remember how we talked about this 34 Weeks of Clean Series was not just about cleaning, but taking back our homes?  Hopefully Kathi won't mind me quoting her as I sign off today-
"While the rest of the world is telling you all of their organizing tricks, here is the best one of all: own less stuff....And when your home is more open, you are more willing to open your homes to others!" Page 33
Yes and Amen!
Last week you had a perfect opportunity to clear out some extras in your Master Closets!  How did you do? Please share with us over on our Family, Faith and Fridays blog page!  We love seeing your progress!


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