Monday, May 22, 2017

34 Weeks of Clean rinse and Repeat Week 20 Bedrooms 3+

Welcome back!  By now you have had a week to get a start on any bedrooms in your house, excluding the Master.  That was done in week 15, right?  Remember, everyone's bedroom situation looks different but the basics are the same.  Since we tackled our girls' rooms last week, we are now moving to the boys.  This was a slightly harder week for me for obvious reasons. 

 Your assignment is to finish any bedrooms left in your house.

Here are the basics again, same as last week-
  • Strip the beds and wash ALL of the linens.  Replace any torn or stained sheets or such.

  • Take everything off all flat surfaces and move it out!
  • Dust all surfaces, sides and all!
  • While stuff is still off, move furniture away from walls so you can wipe down baseboards and vacuum around all edges.
  • Replace furniture or rearrange while you have the chance!  Is it just me or is deep cleaning just an excuse to rearrange?  Again!
  • Put things back, but try to eliminate half.  Remember- the more STUFF your kids have, the harder it is for them to keep it organized!
  • Clean out all the drawers, getting rid of anything that doesn't fit or you do not wear!

  •  Wipe down light switches, door knobs, and door frames, inside and out.  Look up, again, and clean off ceiling fans and light fixtures. 
  • Clean window frames and windows.  Once again, mini blinds and curtains are on the list. 
  • Vacuum the floor and you are done!

For younger kids this is a good time to weed through the toys.  We talked about toys last week, but here are a few more points to consider.  We have found that when we deep clean, we uncover things that need to be tossed.  Whether old, extra, or broken, our kids tend to hold on to whatever we let them.  We try to organize and evaluate on a regular basis.  This is NOT a one time job, especially in our kids' rooms!

Yes, those are Legos.  Yes, it is obnoxious!
- A word about stuffed animals.   Be careful and do not get sucked in!  Yes, there are some clever ways to display them, but in the end consider how many your child really needs!  When our kids were little, we too, got caught up on the animal thing.  Honestly, I had a worse attachment to them than the kids did.  It was ridiculous.  We eventually made them choose their favorite 5, and sent the rest off to loving homes.  Let's face it, they collect dust and are a health hazard for kids with allergies, and they take up a lot of space.  Just consider that maybe this is an area that you need to address.  It was for me! (like the legos!)

Deep cleaning is also a time to fix things.  We had a bookshelf that had a bad leg.  My "little fix" turned into a three hour project but my husband rocks and got it done.

When your parents won't get out of your room, you hide on the floor of your sister's room and read a book for a few hours!

So, our finished projects-

They may not be pottery barn, but they are pretty good, if I say so myself.  

This week I want to leave you with a few thoughts and some encouragement.  If you have not joined us yet, it is NEVER too late to start.  I say that in all seriousness.  Just start.  You CAN do this, I know you can!  If you are behind, don't let discouragement keep you from the finish line.  We all have to do life and sometimes things get in the middle of our best laid plans.  That is OK.  What is more important is that we get back on the horse and keep riding!  I hope you can hear me cheering for you to keep riding.  

If you do NOTHING else this week, set a timer for 30 minutes each day and do SOMETHING! ANYTHING!  By the end of the week you will feel great about your accomplishments,  I know you will!  And remember, clearing out the clutter involves actually getting rid of stuff.  We cannot simply rearrange our mess and call it good!

Let me know how you did last week!  We can't wait to see your pictures on our Facebook page!
Like these pictures from one of our 34 Weekers- I LOVE her children's rooms and am slightly, OK, a lot jealous of then!! Thank you Tonya, for letting me share!

Have fun cleaning!  Blessings,

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