Friday, September 16, 2016

5, No 7, on Friday

Sometimes there is just more randomness to share with you so here are 7 things that sum up our last few weeks-

Salem loves all things survival, so he fiddles a lot with wood and fire and such.  He actually amazes me with his creativity sometimes.  Sometimes, he just scares me! ;)

Mustache night at AWANA for Colby.  Ashton is just a cool leader who participated!

This is what I do in my few minutes of spare time during the day.  If I admitted how long it took me to complete, you would know how little spare time I actually have!

This is where a spend my mornings these days.  Working on getting in shape, after all.  See those boxes?  Those are boxes of curriculum- one for each year K-12th grade!

This is another quilt in progress.  By Ashton, not me, of course.  Her business, Ashton's Attic, is growing by leaps and bounds and she has several quilts in the works for people for Christmas!  I love seeing her do what she loves as her vocation.

Today we are finishing up our 2nd week of 4th grade with CJ.  The first few days were pretty rough, but on days like this, I remember why I love homeschooling!

Sometimes boxed mixes are just easier when it comes to being wheat free.  (Don't judge)  Tomorrow we begin a dairy free experiment to see if it helps Ashton.  Pray for us, and if you have suggestions about that, feel free to share.  We have got to figure out how to get this girl healthy again.

I pray your week has been a good one!  Have a blessed weekend and know that I appreciate each and every one of you who frequents  this blog!


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  1. I've been dairy free for what feels like forever (approximately 20 years) and gluten-free for about 5. My biggest dairy-free advice is to just avoid cheese for the duration of the trial. There is a decent dairy-free cheese, but I use the term "decent" loosely and it's perhaps only decent because it's been so long since I've had real cheese. Thankfully the substitutes for butter (try Earth Balance margarine) and ice cream (any of the coconut based ones) are good. Good luck!


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