Friday, September 9, 2016

Do You Have Character?

I love reviewing books!  It is almost as fun as reading them.  Sharing the books I have read and love with people I love is just plain fun.

And when they not only entertain a child, but teach them important skills or lessons...well, the joy level just builds!

That is how I feel about the latest book I have been reading with my son, Character in Action, by Marilyn and Kelley Boyer.  It is just a fun read!

Let me start from the beginning,  This 144 page, hardback book teaches 14 character traits to children, recommended ages 6-12.  Each chapter focuses on one trait, beginning with a simple definition and then a Bible verse highlighting that trait.  The story that follows is a true to life experience of one or more of the cousins of the Boyer family, complete with color pictures.  Tales about how to be creative in helping or what it means to be sensitive to others are just a start.  Other Godly traits explored include-

 and Deference

Each chapter then ends with a "Taking The Next Step" section that offers a multitude of suggestions to put each trait into a concrete action.

This is actually the second book we have read in the Learning Character with the Cousins Series, so I knew we would love it!  (The other books are Crossroads of Character and Character Trails I have been reading Character in Action with my 9 year old son, although sometimes the whole family gets to hear if we read in the evenings.

The chapters are about 6-10 pages long and take us about 15 minutes to read.  Colby loves looking at the full color pictures of thecousins with the friends they have met.  There is just something about seeing REAL kids doing REAL things that can spark a flame in a kid to imitate their behavior. 

 What better behavior to imitate than Godly character traits!

After we read each chapter, Colby reads the "Taking the Next Step" section out loud to me and we discuss ways that we can bless others.  Ideas he has come up with so far include writing notes to some elderly people in our church, having them for dinner, and making cookies for people.  

Why Study Character traits?

I firmly believe that we are all born sinful and selfish.  Being kind and generous and loving does not always come easily.  In fact, those character traits can often be hard for children to learn.  By teaching children the right behaviors and by SHOWING them how those are lived out, we set the stage for a lifetime of growing and learning how to treat others better than ourselves.  

Who wouldn't love to live in a society where everyone treated others better than themselves?

Character Concepts has a wide array of curriculum for kids preschool age and up.  Through their resources you can help teach children right from wrong, hide God's word in their hearts, and know the books they are reading are teaching valuable lessons while still being fun and engaging.  

Thanks to Character Concepts, we have the opportunity to give away a copy of this wonderful book to one of our readers.  Feel free to leave me a comment, and don't forget to let us know how we can reach you, Tell us what character trait you most admire in people, or which one you wish your children knew more about!

A random winner will be selected next Friday!



  1. This looks interesting. We are currently dealing with lack of respect and I'm sure the variety of ways it plays out falls into many of the character traits listed.

  2. We are trying to teach our children to be grateful for all things good and bad. They are doing good learning this trait, but sometimes it is hard.

  3. This looks like a great book. We are working on responsibility and initiative.

  4. Self-control seems to be a struggle for all of us recently. Thanks for the chance.


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