Monday, July 25, 2016

When Life Has You Down. Literally!

Yesterday, I snuck away from the heat and responsibilities of life and went to a friend's pool with my kiddos for an hour.  It was a much needed break from reality.

Unfortunately the reality was that I slipped getting into said pool and hurt my toe.  I thought my pride was what was hurt the worst, but nope, I think I broke my toe.  Though I kept ice on it most of last night, I woke up to a swollen, painful toe that I cannot put weight on despite my best efforts.  And it is a lovely shade of purple on top of that!

Since I refuse to go to the ER on a Sunday, I am icing it and staying off of it until I can get to the doctor on Monday.  Please pray that they do not laugh at me and that they can find a quick fix.  Ok, just not laughing would be good at this point.

I feel like an idiot! (I know, we do not use that word in our house) But really I do.

My pride hurts almost as bad as my toe.

My recent exercise goals have come to a halt and it is discouraging.  Thanks to a fit bit (more on that sometime) I have found my motivation again for exercising and watching what I eat.  The upcoming wedding helps a bit too! Haha.

I have a dear friend's wedding to attend in two weeks and new shoes to boot and now I am not sure how that is going to work out.

I have plans and ideals and expectations and right now a lot of self pity.  A lot.

Luckily, I also have a friend who just told me my pity party was over, to grab the computer, and write what God wanted me to write.

It took me a minute to think about that.  Just a minute.

I know what God wants me to say.

Pride is a bad thing.  It comes right before the fall.  Literally.

Unrealistic expectations, of ourselves and others, is a bad thing.  It only sets us up for failure.

Exercise is a good thing until it becomes obsessive and then it is a bad thing.  Anything done in excess or for the wrong reasons can be an idol.

Self pity and fear are also bad.  Those things are not founded on God's truth.  They are merely tools in the enemy's arsenal to keep us separated from God.

So what do we (go ahead, you can read I) need to do?

Take a breath and regroup.

Stop for a minute and pray.  Ask God to remind us of His promises and His purposes.

Ask Him to help us combat fear, and idolatry, and pride.

And thank Him daily for friends who love us and are bold enough to speak truth to us.

Thank you Dawn!

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  1. Here's an ironic twist ... if you are unable to exercise because of a broken toe, you can exercise in a pool! :) True, though. Swimming is great exercise. Hope that it heals up QUICK!!!

  2. Wonderfully written!!!! Praying for healing for you today (and we need to get together.....I have samples to get you back on your journey to better health!)


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