Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pleasants Family Sayings, Part 2!

A few years back, we had a little fun sharing some family sayings we tend to use a lot in our house. Since that post, several friends have pointed out several more we use, so we thought we would share a few more.

No whoops!- Dad has started using this one a lot lately, and it started when Ashton and dad laid the floor in the laundry room. When little things go wrong, we tend to say "whoops!"   Hence dad saying- no whoops!

That's your last one!- There is actually a funny story to this one. The kids will tell you that, anytime we do s'mores, at some point dad will ask how many you have had.  No matter what the answer is, he will respond with "that's your last one." The kids will also tell you that their goal is to make sure they eat as many as they can before dad asks.  Because no matter what number they are at- 2 or 20, that's your last one!

Who has the plan?- We have two kiddos that like to know things in advance.  Details please.  Who? What?  When? Why?  How much?  How many?  Every. Single. Detail.  To stop the madness, the response is now "who has the plan?"  For the record, it is usually dad that has the plan!

You should only say 6 out of the 10 things that come to mind.- In this world where everyone has something to say and everyone has an opinion, and many speak before thinking, we encourage our kid to think before speaking.  Novel idea, right?

Nothing good ever happens after midnight.  We do not encourage our kids being out late at night. Stuff happens.  Ok, stuff happens all the time, but after midnight, according to daddy, more stuff! ;)

There are more, many more, but for now, I will leave you with these!  Do you find yourself saying the same things?


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