Friday, July 29, 2016

5 On Friday

Our life in random order-

1- After two months of practice and two weeks of shows, Riley is finally done performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  She has had a blast and worked with an amazing director and cast members.  Time to start packing for college now!

2- Colby played baseball this summer for the first time.  I am not a huge fan of sports for kids for several reasons, but we decided that a short time gig we could do.  He had a blast, learned a lot, and his team even won the championship!  I survived the heat!

3- Sweet Words

4- The garden is actually growing.  Too bad I am a cruddy planter.  The tomatoes are hidden by the cucumbers and the zucchini has taken over the watermelon.  The deer have eaten every bean and pea that came up, but THAT is not my fault.  Raspberries are done and the blackberries are starting to go crazy.  Next year I will plant according to the lessons I have learned and maybe we will have more than zucchini and cucumbers to share!  We did somehow miss a few zucchini that grew way too large, so we have been shredding it and making zucchini bread as well.  Yum!

5- I broke my toe last week and I am still slightly pouting about it.  I will spare you the picture.


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  1. I remember when my husband first let me cut his hair. He wanted it to look like what they did at the barber shop. I never could get it right. 18 years later and I'm still his barber and unable to that cut just right.
    You garden like I do. I never train things or clean it up and it grows all over the place. I have tons of zucchini and onions. Maybe some Swiss Chard too but I can't tell under all that zucchini. The tomatoes have gone wild.


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