Monday, February 8, 2016

Updating the House

While we have been busy getting back to a "normal" life, whatever that really looks like, we have also continued to make a few changes to our house.  The house was really in good condition, there were, and are, just some things we wanted to do to update to put our personal touch on it.

Like changing the chalkboard wall back to a normal wall.  The people who lived here previously were very talented artists.  Their wall looked lovely.

Ours did not. So we painted.

Changed out the basement door.  I do not love sliding doors any ways, and this one had seen its better days.  With the help of a very talented friend, my hubby replaced it with a door I love!

A lot of help from a friend!

 Just one last piece of molding to add!

Changed out several old blind sets.  This particular set was a monster.  A mom did not design these, I am sure of that.  Kids go in and out of sliding doors like they are a ride at an amusement park.  Kids cannot work blinds that not only open and shut, but also twist and turn to those sliding doors.  They maybe can play with them, but they cannot correctly use them.  And therefore they get shredded and broken.  And then become the bane of my existence,  Just saying.

Hung a few chandeliers.  We have been carrying these around with us since we lived in North Dakota over 10 years ago.  They once were an ugly brass, but I spray painted them black.  It was never worth the effort to hang them in a rental, but I could not wait to get them up here.  One in the dining area and one in my daughter's room.

Replaced the laundry room floor. Linoleum just gets tired after 15 years.  Especially in a laundry room!

Painted more door trim.

There are plans to update the kids' bathroom, hopefully remodel the master bath, and landscaping in the spring.  I would also like to have the kitchen cabinets painted and the fireplace refaced, but as my hubby keeps reminding me, Rome was not built in a day!

Why do you think he keeps reminding me of that??!

Have you ever done any remodeling?  I would love for you to share your favorite project!  Maybe I will get some more ideas.  Hubby will love that!


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