Friday, February 19, 2016

5 On Friday

Hey, I had fun with this last week, so here goes-

1.  My three olders have started taking ballroom dancing.  They love it.  I am amazed!

2.  My youngest announced that he loves his new math!  We are trying out Math U See Gamma and Times Tales and he is whizzing through the times tables.  Every day of school is not wonderful here (shocker, I know haha) so this is HUGE!  Wish they had been around when I was a third grader.  Seriously, ya'll, I thought I would never learn multiplication facts.  I am pretty sure my mom and teacher thought I would never learn either!

3.  Have I mentioned Riley is a senior?  After being accepted at 7 schools (don't get me started) she has finally decided where to go.  I think she is going to actually let me share on Monday!  Here's hoping.

4.  Because of his deployment my sweet hubby has had a lot of time off of work.  Because of that, he has had the past two weeks off.  Can I just say that retirement cannot come soon enough?  I kind of like having him home.  It's like having Handy Mandy around.  And he's cute, too! ;)

5.  We have friends coming to visit us this weekend!  Remember Farmer Dan and his wife?  You know, the ones who taught us to butcher cows, pigs and chickens.  We have been blessed with so many special friends over the years but I have found that in each location God allows me to find a special friend that I do not know how I have done without.  This family- they are that and so much more.  They embraced and loved us from the minute we met them, they included us in their amazing farm adventures, they sustained us during our year deployment, they love us unconditionally, and they became family!  If you happen to think of me this weekend, know that I have a huge smile on my face and a full heart!  Oh, and maybe a head filled with schemes to get them to move near me!

I pray you had a beautiful week, friends.  I am thankful for YOU as well and that you choose to spend time here in our little corner of the blogging world!


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