Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A College Decision

We have already sent and graduated our oldest from college.  It was a hard and rocky path, but thankfully one that ended in success.  She went to school far away, had health problems, returned home, and then finished online.  It was a time that the Lord used to teach her, and us, many, many lessons, and for that we are grateful but boy, were we glad when it was done.

Enter daughter number two.  We were sure it would be easier.  We had been there, done that.  We knew more of what to look for and we were determined to really think out that major thing.  You know, that all important decision that could frame what you do for the rest of your life.

But, have you met our second daughter?  We call her our drama queen.  Not for the reasons you might imagine, and not in a negative way by any stretch of the imagination.

It is just that she LOVES drama.  Theatre. Musicals. Plays. Stage. Dance. Voice. You name it, she loves anything drama related.  And she was blessed to have a teacher and voice coach that helped her grow by leaps and bounds for the past few years!  (Thanks Ellie!)

All that to say, her dreams have evolved over the past year and especially the past 6 months.  She dreamed of Musical Theatre.  Problem is, she also desires to go to a smaller, Christian college. Google those combos and you will see our dilemma.

Not fun, folks.  It is a hard combo and when you add musical theatre into it, well the few GREAT choices are few and far between.

And they take work.  Lots. And auditions.  Because they have become Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees (BFA) they are on the rather serious side of the arts.

So she filled out a few applications, auditioned, and prayed for God's direction.  And, quite honestly, I prepared to pick a broken heart off the floor.

But guess what?  She was accepted.  To several.  And after a recent trip with her father to make a final decision, she has finally allowed me to share!

Riley will be attending Belhaven University in the fall to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre.

Go ahead.  Google it.  I will wait.

Yep, it is in Mississippi. Nope, not close.

Yes, I am mourning a little! ;)

And here's a funny story.  She got the notification from this particular school while we were on vacation in Disney.  While waiting for the Lion King Show to start.  I am pretty sure a man down from us is still confused as to why we were celebrating and crying.  And I am pretty sure she floated above the seat the whole show.  Guys, I was afraid she was going to stand up in the middle of the show and join them in song.  She would do that, you know!

So while I am a little sad she is not going to be close by, I am so excited for her new adventure.  We are so proud of her and we know that God has great things for this child.  We trust Him to direct her path and allow her to do great things for His kingdom!

In the meantime, Disney better get prepared!  Riley has a plan!


  1. What a wonderful story. I know you are proud of her!

    1. Very proud and so thrilled she has the opportunity to follow her dream!


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