Monday, April 20, 2015

Lessons From a TLF


That's military speak from Temporary Lodging Facility.  And our home away from home for the past week.  It's one of the perks of this crazy lifestyle of ours and one we have used frequently.

For those of you who are not familiar with them, TLF is a hotel suite minus the fancy amenities.  Not every one is created equal, but this one does have a few separate rooms and a small kitchen, enabling us to spread out a little and not eat in restaurants for a week straight.  It's the little things, folks, trust me!

The Lessons Learned
Little spaces gather clutter faster.
   How DID we get this all in the car in the first place?

Suitcases expand the minute you leave your house and you can never repack them the way you originally had them.
   Shopping while on vacation may not be the smartest idea I ever had.  Just saying.

At home we underestimate our dependency on our laundry room.
   When I get home I am going to tell my washer and dryer how much I appreciate them, just in case.

People on base are friendly.
  • At the food court a gentleman engaged my 13 year old in a conversation about his life plans like he was his own flesh and blood.  And it did not freak the said 13 year old out at all!
  • After leaving the food court I asked the kids if they needed to go potty before starting our 15 minute walk back to TLF. (They love when I do that in public, by the way!)  Immediately the woman in front of us turned and asked if we would like a ride back instead, saying she had plenty of room in her SUV.  We needed the exercise after several rainy days inside, but let me say that if we had not, I would not have hesitated to take her up on the offer.
Base Housekeepers are hard workers.  And still smile and call you sweetie!
   They also come way too early in the morning, but I am learning to forgive them.

Ants can take over any kitchen,  Even one on the second floor.  Exterminators are hard workers too!
   What is with those little ants and why do they haunt me every time I step foot in the South?

Reveille comes earlier than you think.

   No, my sweet 7 year old, that is not your cue to wake us all up!

Retreat still makes your heart swell with pride.
   And yes, it is amazing to see cars come to a stop and people, young and old, saluting a flag as it is taken down at the end of each day.

Taps still can make our hearts swell with pride.
   Yes, my son, that does mean it is time for YOU to go to bed!

We are blessed with friends we have made through the years!
  Like the family that we have only met only one other time but whose husband was once deployed with mine in a land far away who invited us for dinner and yet we laughed like lifelong friends! And we now want to be stationed with them! ;)

Displaced families bond quickly.
   When you are displaced and living out of a suitcase you just tend to have a certain look about you.  

Our family loves a challenge and an adventure.
   And we are more than thankful for this unexpected one!

It's time to head home.


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