Wednesday, April 22, 2015

When God Says Wait

It's that time of year again.  Have you seen the moving announcements out there?  Many of our military friends are preparing to pack up and head to a new location.

And us?

Ummm...who would know.

We were supposed to be notified in March.  Didn't happen.

That's OK, I told myself.  At least we will all be together when we find out.

Then the April assignments came out.  Didn't happen again.  Seeing a pattern here?

And now?  Well, we will see.  For now we are being told August or September.

And so we wait.  Sometimes I think that is the story of our lives.

What can you do but wait when God says wait?

Because it is God who is saying wait.  Not yes or no, but WAIT.

 Psalm 27:14
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

And my response?

Because many of you know me personally, I am going to be honest and say my response was not "Oh, good, God, I am so excited about this waiting thing."  Nope.  Waiting is not somthing I do well. I am a planner.  My calendar and my lists are some of my favorite things.  Really.  I can handle lots of things as long as I KNOW what they are and when they are coming.  Seems reasonable to me.

But have you noticed that God does not work that way? He often gives us the information we need only when we need it.  He obviously doesn't think I need that information now.

So all that to say, yes, we are moving at the end of the year.  No, we do not know where to.  We are waiting for God.  And trusting that His plans are amazing.

What are you waiting on?



  1. Praying for your family during this time of waiting Michele. You are right - God has something amazing planned for you and He is working it all out. Praying for you all as you strive for patience and faith during this time. - Lori

  2. It seems as though military families and missionaries live similar lives. We cannot really make a long term plan. As a planner and organizer myself, I struggle with this too. I often (like everyday) have to remember my promise to him that I would seek his will instead of my control. Thank you for the encouragement, Michele! ( I have a hard time not typing 'Shelly' but middle school is long gone......). Blessings on your beautiful family.


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