Friday, April 10, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week15- The Master Bedroom

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the bedroom.  A place of rest and relaxation.  And beautiful sleep.


Yep, me neither.  At least not most of the time.

Most of the time it is a catch all.  A place to pile waiting laundry to fold.  A place to throw the extras when unexpected company comes.  A place of piled up books and right now, care packages to be sent across the miles.

But rest...not really.

So today is the day.  Well, luckily for you, this WEEK is the week.  Yes, you have a week to make a transformation.

This week- the Master Bedroom.

We are going to make it a picture of rest.  A place to unwind.  A safe haven for sleepy heads.  (cue lovely music here)

Are you ready?

  • First off- we are concentrating on just the bedroom proper.  Stay out of the closet for now.  Yes, I am talking to a few specific ones, I will not name names yet, that I KNOW like to get ahead.  Stop it!  You are making the rest of us look bad.  So stick to the assignment at hand.

Please keep in mind- this is that once a year, deep cleaning project.  Let's go!

  • Strip the bed linens and put them in the wash.  ALL of them.  Comforters and bedskirts as well.  Trust me, they are dirty.  Throw pillows?  Them too!  Mattress pads?  Yep!  Take this time to replace anything that is old and ragged.
  • While those things are washing, take everything off flat surfaces and take them OUT OF THE ROOM! Seriously, go on and do it.  I will wait.
  • Now, with surfaces bare, dust.  No feather dusting this time, deep clean dusting only.  Tops, sides and more!

  • Before you put anything back, pull furniture away from walls and hit those baseboards!

  • Vacuum around the edges of the carpet.
  • Now put furniture back- this is your time to do a quick rearranging if your husband is not looking- I mean if your husband agrees! ;)  Once this chair was cleaned off, it was actually traded out for another one!

  • NOW, put your "stuff" back, but aim to only bring back half.  Is it needed?  Do you love it?  Is it time to give it to someone else to enjoy?  As you replace each item after much thought, much thought being the operative word, make sure it is also wiped down.
  • A word about nightstands.  Why do they seem to be a second (or third) junk drawer sort of area? Honestly, keeping mine straightened is one of many biggest battles. I kid you not.  There is always a stack of books waiting to get read, with a a few in progress.  Add to that, chap-stick, emergency weather radio, pens (in case I want to take notes in said stack of books), hair bands, a tea cup and on and on and on.  I have a basket to hold those things but alas, the basket runneth over!   For now, I tried to reduce, but hey, if you have a handy dandy solution, make sure you share it with us all!


During and after-

  • Now open those drawers and get to work straightening up what is inside.  Clothes you do not care for or wear anymore go in a pile to be donated.  Old raggedy stuff goes to the garbage. Everything else goes back.  No cheating and heading to the closet. Stay with me here and stick to just your drawers!
  • Look up, try not to cry and clean off those ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Yep, gross!

  • Wipe down light switches and door knobs and door frames, both sides please.
  • Wipe off window frames and windows.  If you have mini blinds, I am sorry.  Those get done too.  If you have curtains, into the washer they go.  If you are simply too afraid to wash them, at the very least, take them down, pop them into the dryer on air dry and give them a few minutes.  You will be surprised at the difference even that will make, I promise!

Oh look, me doing MORE mini blinds!

Too much moisture from the snow caused mold.  Since I have had the blinds down, I never saw it!  YUCK~

  • Remake your bed. I admit, I did buy something new to spruce ours up.  My hubby liked the current quilt we were using, I made it after all what choice did he have, but he complained because it is so heavy.  (I have a thing with flannel quilts)  So I have been on the lookout for a new bedspread I could use with it.  Months of patience, HA, finally paid off and I found one I like.  Hope he will too!

  • Lastly, finish vacuuming and you are done.
Actually, before you are done, make sure you print and frame Kemi's beautiful wall art!  It is lovely, as are all the things she creates over at Homemaking Organized!

Seriously, you are done!  That is a lot of work.  Reward yourself with a cup of tea, a chocolate treat and a good book.

Oh, and a good night's sleep, of course!

Who's ready to share how you did with last week- Arts and Crafts?  We would love for you to link up or leave a comment.  We' re all in this together and sharing is half the fun!

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  1. I am so behind on this series...I really meant to go along, I need to just pick it up here....

    1. You can do it Jen! Never too late to start!

  2. Lovely! It looks so nice and comfy. Great job Michele. I really have to open the drawers? Really?

  3. Hooray! My bedroom is in desperate need. I plan to put back a whole lot less than half of the stuff that comes out of it. I probably won't be moving furniture unless I have help. I'll wait on the closet, but I hope it is coming up soon :) I know that'll take a good chunk of time as well.

    1. Yes! Half is a great goal!! Pay attention to Friday! ;)


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