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If He Had Not Come- TOS Review

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Away in a manger no room for a bed...

Excited yet?  I am getting there.  We LOVE Christmas time in this house.  Baking, buying gifts for friends, homemade crafts- traditions that we began years ago and look forward to every year.  One of our favorite traditions is reading special Christmas books each night.  So when we had the opportunity to add If He Had Not Come to our ever growing collection, we were thrilled!
Christmas Book Review
If He Had Not Come, a tale written by Nan Weeks many years ago, and reintroduced to the world by David Nicholson, is a story told through the eyes of a young boy who imagines the world without Jesus.  The story captured David's heart when he heard it in Sunday School and it was then that he vowed to read it to his family every year at Christmas time.  That vow later resulted in the publication of this beautifully illustrated, stunning tale of what the world might possibly look like if Jesus has never come.
This is not your ordinary cheery, presents and snow kind of Christmas story.  Because of the serious subject matter it is best intended for ages 6 and up. As young boy named Bobby prepares for Christmas morning he and his father end their evening by reading the Bible.  As he drifts to sleep the words of John 15:22 echo in his mind and he goes to sleep dreaming...

What would the world be like if Jesus had not come?  It is here in the story that the bright illustrations dim and the story takes a rather sad turn...

Bobby sees no evidence of Christmas celebrations.  No trees, no wreathes, no presents.
As he ventures outside, no one he meets even knows what the word "Christmas" means.  Throughout the town young Bobby finds everyday places and people gone, replaced by the words If He Had not Come. 

The most poignant of all is when he returns home and looks in his Bible and the entire New Testament is replaced with those words instead.

Bobby then wakes up, the illustrations become vivid again and he thanks Jesus for coming to the world and vows to do what he can to please Him. 

What we thought -
I have to tell you that I liked this book a lot the minute I read it, but was not sure how my children would feel about it.  Especially the youngest, age 7.  I read it to him and since then he has reread it on his own over and over again!  The first few days we had it, it was in his hands constantly and I could find him curled up in a chair with it.  When I asked him why he liked it so much he said, "I like all of the pictures of the boy."  It is funny how some books just capture you and If He Had Not Come seems to be one of those books.  This is a book that may not be your typical holly jolly Christmas books, but it is one that will fill you and your family with hope and thankfulness.

One of the bonuses for this book are the Interactive Topics in the back for families and teachers alike.  These topics and questions are a great jump start for conversations after you read the book together.  Some questions are scripture based questions and some are merely what would you do or what do you think questions.  I liked that because there was a little something there for all age groups to ponder.    My favorite question- "What other things would be good to think about on Christmas morning along with  presents?"

The ABCs of the Gospel message are also clearly laid out for anyone who has not been exposed to them and for anyone who would like to receive Jesus as their Savior!  What a beautiful and appropriate way to end a book with such an important message.

Our lives would be so different if Jesus had not come.  I pray you and your family have experienced that truth and His love!

If He Had Not Come can be purchased for $18.95.

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