Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blue Ribbon Awards- Homeschooling's Best!

This past year I have had the opportunity to use and review over 25 homeschool and family friendly products with the Schoolhouse Review Crew which falls under the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  To say that it has been a privilege is an understatement.  Not only have each of those products blessed my family, but they have provided me with the opportunity to be able to share with and mentor many homeschoolers- new and veterans alike.   I love that!  My kids have been exposed to new things we would have never known existed and we have broadened our horizons with curriculum.
Each year, at the end of our Crew "year", the reviewers have the opportunity to vote for their favorites in many different categories.  It is a long awaited opportunity and a way for us to be able to give back and say thank you to the many vendors who allowed us to review their products. 
I want to quickly share with you a few that we voted for- just a recap of some of our favorites and then I invite you to follow the banner to the official winners.  See for yourself if any of our favorites, or yours, won.

Our favorites-
Language Arts- Lightning Literature  We have reviewed Hewitt Homeschooling before and really liked them, but this year we actually began using their Language Arts full time for our 2nd and 7th grader.  Love it more every day!

Favorite History- Veritas Press  Big surprise, right!?  ha  Yep, I will sing this program's praises until my dying breath!  If your child likes computer based learning, you have got to check this out!

Favorite High School Resource- Victus Study Guide  This is one of those programs I really didn't know we needed until we used it.  It is simple to use and will not take up a lot of time, but it is full of useful information of how kids study and how to improve their study skills.  We have seen a lot of progress after going trhough this program.

Favorite AudioBook or Drama- Let me share two (hey, Christmas is coming and you might need multiple ideas!)  Brinkman Adventures and Under Drake's Flag!  Our whole family loves both and they get listened to over and over again!  Just can't beat them!

Favorite Mom Resource- Flourish, by Apologia  Yes, sometimes I get to enjoy the fun packages that arrive at my door weekly, too!  This book I love!  Not just for homeschoolers, if I could buy every friend a copy I would.  It is just that good.  And it inspires me.

Those are just a few, but trust me, there are many more!  Enjoy peeking at which products won the hearts and votes of 200 Crew Review members...
 Link goes live Monday morning at 8:00!
2014 Blue Ribbon Awards
Schoolhouse Review Crew's favorites with Blue Ribbon Awards

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