Saturday, June 7, 2014

Who made you? -52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

All kids want to know where they came from, right?

In our house, because one of our children is adopted, sometimes the answer can get complicated.   You know, from another mommy's tummy, from Guatemala, and on and on.  Since all of our kids were born in different states, I often want to give the simple answer- Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, and Guatemala.

But you know what?

 The simplest answer is God!

They came from God.  We ALL did!

Maybe before we even go into the birds and bees, and even before we talk about birth place locations, we need to remind our children that they came from God.  He made us and He loves us.

And He does not mistakes.

No matter our birth place!


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  1. What a great reminder and a truth to teach your children. Both of my children were born in different countries and not their passport country.


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