Friday, June 13, 2014

Praise! 52 Weeks of family scripture memorization

"Praise: to express thanks to or love and respect for (God)"

According to Merriam-Webster, there are three basic definitions of the word "praise."  Two are related to humans, and one is related to God. I think that the bulk of our praise reflects that as we spend far more time praising the things of men rather than the things of God.  Think about how many times in the past week you said something like, "that restaurant has the best pasta," or "you did such a great job on that," or "what a beautiful kitchen!"  Now think about how many times you said "God is so good to me," or, "Lord, you are sufficient," or "What a gracious God I serve!" 

While it isn't wrong to sincerely praise someone or something, as believers we need to make sure that we are also sincerely praising God.  After all, He is the only One who truly deserves our praise. 

-Ashton (Filling in for Michele today!)

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  1. This is so precious--I just love to praise our Wonderful God!

  2. Me too Sherry! Just this week we talked about the difference between praise and thanksgiving- how both are needed but they ARE different@


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