Monday, June 16, 2014

H is for High Places & Happy Birthdays

Can you believe that I almost had a hard time coming up with a post for this week and the letter H? 

 How could I have forgotten that this baby-

turned 7 last week!

Yes, that is a birthday cinnamon roll.  Don;t judge! ;)  It is also not homemade!  Years ago, we stopped "doing" big birthday parties around here.  We stopped spending extra money on things that really did not matter and worked on making memories- special meals, homemade cakes, fun memories. 
CJ wanted cinnamon rolls, so that is what he got.  Candle and all.  And the camera in the picture- that was my mom skyping with us so she could sing too!  Yes, we are weird like that.

What a day of memories.  

First thing up was park time with our co op friends.  I did make mini cupcakes, minus all the red dye number 40, to share.  I promise there were kids there, but since I did not ask permission to post their pictures, this is the one you get.  He was practicing for the next activity!

Rock wall climbing.  The other kiddos love rock wall climbing, but somehow CJ had not done it yet. The first time he tried he made it about half way up, said it was too high, and promptly closed his eyes while he came down. After watching a few others get cheered on, he decided to go all the way to the top and there was no stopping him.  The look on his face each time he came down was priceless!  No more fear of high places!

Of course, what made it even more fun was that we took our friends with us!  (and yes, they did give me permission to post their cute smiles!)

This picture cracks me up!  They were all watching one of the dads climb.

After all that hard work, we headed off for pizza, of course.  My older kids always ask me to make a special meal that they like the best.  The 7 year old- yep, you guessed it- pizza.

Happy Birthday CJ!

We are continuing through the alphabet with Marcy, at Ben and Me!  Join us anytime!

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  1. Great H -- Happy Birthday -- the cinnamon roll looks delicious. I still have not thought of my H for this week.

    1. Thanks Beth! Store bought at its best! haha

  2. Happy Birthday:) We don't do Birthday parties either instead choosing a family activity that we can all enjoy. The memories last forever:) Looks like you had a wonderful day...oh my birthday is in June too:)


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