Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Middle School Reading

OK, so I shared our summer reading with you for elementary age kids.  For the most part they will be read alouds for us, but I am sure slightly older elementary kids can manage them by themselves.

But this list, well it was slightly harder for me.  Honestly, we have been out of this "stage" for a while. Yes, my third child is getting ready to be a 7th grader, but he has been reading above grade level for some time now, so most of his free time reading and favorites are high school level.  That's for another post! ;)

However, in talking with my older girls I realized that some of their favorite books are really geared for the middle school age.

Like The Penderwicks.  This is by far one of their favorite book series.  I can not even imagine how many times they have read them, and I will not allow them to tell you.  It would be embarrassing for all involved.  The first story is about a family who vacations at a lovely cottage and has lots of adventures with rabbits, writing, and a boy named Jeffery.

Surviving the Applewhites.  Same story, different book. If you ask Riley what her favorite book is, she'll answer, "Surviving the Applewhites." The girl even talked my mom into reading it and SHE will tell you how good it is.  It is about a juvenile delinquent who is forced to live with an "unschooling" family, the Applewhites, to straighten out his life, this book will make you giggle and appreciate the quirkiness of family. And homeschooling, or unschooling.

The Redwall Series.  There are like a million of these.  OK, that's a slight exaggeration but not by much.  My son liked the first one that he read, but it was a challenge to understand.  We checked out the audio version and he was hooked.  After that he went back to reading the books with no problem. I  think that, being an auditory learner, he just needed to hear the names pronounced and get a feel for the storyline.

The Mysterious Benedict Society. I'm letting Ashton write this part: 
Hey, Ashton here. I've been tasked with writing about this book series because it is probably the best book series. Ever.  Basically, you need to read this book, regardless of how old you are.  It is so clever. It is one of the very few books that I feel comfortable recommending to anyone, regardless of their beliefs, level of conservativeness (a word I just made up) or age because there is nothing inappropriate and no language, and yet, I as a 20 year old can't get over how amazingly awesome and mind-blowing the series is.  Basically, four of the most gifted children are brought together by the most intriguing circumstances and the most eccentric man, and are tasked with going undercover to...well I don't want to spoil it.  But before all this, they have to pass tests.  And the best part is that you pretty much get to take them, too.  This next statement may seem excessive, but if you read only one book or series this year, read this one.  I read this series about three times a year. =) And I wasn't paid to write this review, although if Trenton Lee Stewart wants to hire me to promote this series, I accept. =) -Ashton
Like my youngest, the summer plan around here for the uprising 7th grader includes 30 minutes of reading time.  The reality is that he exceeds that because he likes to read.  I have kept a stack of books for him for the summer that I want him to cover (some Sonlight books that I do not want him to miss next year since we are changing to Lightening Literature) and then he will fill in with any he finds weekly at the library.  Usually our problem is too many books, not enough time.

Not a bad problem to have, don't you think?

Next Wednesday, 25th, this post will be linked up to another TOS Crew Carnival so you can see what other middle schoolers are reading this summer.  Mark your calendars and hop back over here to take a peek!
Summer Reading for Middle Grades

Enjoy your book time!

In the meantime, what is your middle schooler's favorite book or book series?


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  1. We enjoyed the Mysterious Benedict Society Books here as well. The "prequel", The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict" is fabulous as well.

    Everard by Chautona Havig would be an enjoyable read. Great story that is witty and hilarious. Enjoyed by all ages in our house; including the parents.

    A Snicker of Magic is a newer book but was a great read. We had some great discussions after reading it aloud. However, a middle school child could handle it with no problem.

    Now, off to see if our library had the Applewhite book....

  2. I will have to look for Redwall in an audio. I think my son would enjoy listening to it.

  3. Ah.... Kindred spirits! Surviving the Applewhite's is the only one that we haven't read/don't own... and with your recommendation, now we will(at least read it;) ). So happy to see someone else mention the Penderwicks and the Mysterious Benedict Society! Yes! So many books, not enough time is right!

    Sharon~ thanks for mentioning Chautona Havig~ I've renjoyed some of her adult books, didn't realize that she wrote Juvenile fiction as well.

  4. My boys LOVED the Redwall books and The Mysterious Benedict Society. They also love books by Sigmund Brouwer, The Book of the King by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry, and books by Wayne Thomas Batson. Happy reading! :)


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