Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chivalry is not dead

What is it with me and the Kroger parking lot?  I mean, seriously?  If you read this post you will remember that Kroger earned the 1st spot in my blogging career.  A YEA GOD experience.

It happened again- but this time I was just a bystander.  Worth it!

defenders,fantasy,government,households,knights,knights in armor,noblemen,persons,protective clothing,soldiers,suits of armor,warriorsI am happy to announce that chivalry is not dead.  You see, I was starting to wonder if it was.  We try to teach it here at home to our boys with a little help from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but in my opinion it is hard to see fleshed out in real life.  Even my daughter in a Christian college shared recently how she met a guy on a cell phone coming in a door in the opposite direction from her whom waited for her to open the door and then walked through it while she stood there, mouth wide open, holding it still open.  Really!

So I loved what I saw in the parking lot of Kroger...

A woman with a cast on her leg struggling to push a cart to her car.  King Arthur, I mean, the lone man who is now a hero in my book, sprints from across the parking lot, pushes her cart to her car and unloads every last bag into her trunk.  And, of course, takes her cart away for her! 

See, they are still out there!  Men who know how to do the right thing.  Men who know how to treat a lady.  Men who would make their mommas proud!

Maybe you just have to look for them a little harder these days.  See 'ya in the Kroger parking lot! ;)

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