Monday, March 19, 2012

My Life As an Air Force Wife...questions answered!

You had to know it was coming, right?  After all, I have been an Air Force wife for almost 20 years and I have a few things to say. (just a few).  So here are some FAQs and my answers.  Keep in mind, these are Michele's opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinion of all military spouses. (But I'd be willing to bet that if you listen carefully you may hear a few Amens out there! ;))  These represent just a small sample of the thoughtful and not so thoughtful things people through the years have really asked.

1- Wow, an AF wife. That must be exciting! (yes, I know it's not a question technically)
  Um, well, that would be one adjective to describe it, but maybe not the one I would pick first.  But, sure, we'll go with that...exciting.

2-  Your husband flies helicopters.  How cool! (another non-question)
  Again, not my first choice of adjectives.  Maybe his!  He goes to work everyday and does his job.  It happens to be one that he really a little kid having fun. (don't tell him I said that!)  Me...I try not to think about it on an hourly basis because it brings me to my adjective...terrifying/  Note:  for the first time in a very long time, CP is "flying" a desk.  Now THAT is COOL!

3-  Isn't flying dangerous?
  Yes, and thank you for reminding me.  See number 2!  Moving on...

4-  Have you ever gotten to fly in a helicopter?
  Me personally- NO!  Have there been opportunities- yes!  At many bases they have spouse flights in which you can go up in a helicopter, piloted by someone else's husband, and "experience" your husband's job.  No thank you, I have a good imagination.  Many friends have done so however.  I think they are crazy, but I love them anyway.

5-  How many times have you moved?  Aren't you tired of moving?
  12 times in 19 1/2 years, I think.  Every time I try to count I get lost and have to start over.  And yes, I am tired.  But not of moving, just because I am getting old.   Moving is an adventure that I have sadly become addicted to.  This crazy family tends to get the moving itch after about 18 months of being in the same place.  Sad, but true.

6- What has been your favorite assignment?
  COLORADO, Air Force Academy!  God's country!  "Nuff said!

7-  Didn't you spend a year alone?
  Yes, with a 2 1/2 year old, also 7 months, 6 weeks, 2 out of 3 name it.  I have often told the gals I have the privilege of being an AF wife with, you can't compare numbers.  1 day or 1 year...both stink.  And both you eventually get over.

8-  Haven't you pretty much raised your kids alone?
  Well, yes and no.  When we are without dad, I am boss.  But the minute he steps through the door, HE is boss again.  And he more than makes up for the lost time.  Oh, and then there are those friends, neighbors, church members, kind strangers, more friends, no, not really alone!

9- When are you all getting out?
  Hmmmmmm.....not really sure.  Hey. we have almost hit 20, what's a few more years?  Plus what would we do, we are pretty use to this crazy life now.

10- Don't you miss the friends you make?
  YES!  All of the time!  Some of our closest friends are many miles away.  We write, call, email and visit when we can.  And we are blessed to make new friends every few years.   Many of you have bettered my life because of the Air Force and for that, I am grateful!

Ok, military's your chance!  What's your favorite FAQ or comment and YOUR answer!  Go for it!


  1. I've never figured out if this is a compliment or not so subtle way of telling me, my life stinks.
    "I could never live your life. The moving and changing schools, neighbourhoods, friends must take a toll on your family. I really respect you but I could not live that lifestyle."
    My comment always is "I am exactly where God wants me and this is our families life."

    1. I needed this reminder today! God is STILL in charge!

  2. My favorite statement after having changed airframes is "well, at least now he sits in a box and doesn't fly an actual airplane" Oh yea..never mind the fact that he's actually involved in whats going on overseas and can possible see what normal people shouldn't see and can't come home and talk about it...oh and do i need to mention that it's shift work...which means days/mids/graveyard and it changes...oh yea and 12 hour days...BUT yea, at least he just sits in a box....grrrr

    1. Amy, just re reading this today and it still made me giggle! You are a GREAT AF wife! So very proud of you!


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