Friday, March 9, 2012

Internet, Sickness and Sites

On Wednesday I was going to post about teenagers. The internet was not supposed to go down. It did!
On Thursday, I was going to catch up with the blog. I was not supposed to get sick. I did!
And today, life was supposed to resume as normal. It has not!
And so these quick, two things are what I have for you...

Have ever met someone that just won your heart immediately? I have...several of them. But today I want to introduce you to one- Zack, a dear son of friends of ours. We met this special family by chance...well, I don't believe in chance, but you know what I mean. Obviously a God thing! And from that moment that boy (and his sister, and his parents) have won our hearts. For a 17 year old...he is simply, witty, and AN AMAZING LOVE for the Lord! So much to teach us, and yet an amazingly teachable spirit. Oh, how I pray for that for my own boys. I encourage you to check out all he has to say at Army of the Cross. You will see why I like him! ;) And he just might teach you a thing or two!

And number two... For you nutrition minded mommies...check this new product for kids. These two "inventors" are friends of my cousin, which is how I happened upon the link. I have not met them, but I love this! Maybe I will just have to go find one...anyone interested in a giveaway?!

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. Michele,
    I love that Apple a Day tracker. As a Registered Dietitian (even though I haven't worked as one in 8 yrs) I believe it is an awesome way to encourage healthy eating for kids!!! And I love Zack's blog and his whole family too!


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