Monday, February 27, 2012

What's to Eat?

5:00...time to feed the troops.  (ok, not quite yet, but stay with me here)

If you are like me you often open the fridge and stare.  And stare some more.  Give up, close the fridge and call for take out.
If you are like me, you want to feed your family healthier food.  It just takes time...and planning...and creativity.  I am a little low on those things right now.  So I am all about simplifying these days and getting a little help.  You see, I can and HAVE made myself a little crazy collecting fancy recipes and shopping for insanely hard to find ingredients.  And you know family is...not...impressed.  As in  In fact, I have found out that the more simple I go, the happier they are.  Who would have figured? So I am vowing to no longer try to impress the troops. (at least not with cooking)

Here are a few things that have worked for me lately...

1- Supper's On The Table, Come Home by Rachel Masters.  (You can find it here:  I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK!  So much so, that I have given copies to a few young ladies in my life already.  It gives 13 weeks of simple meals with not only the shopping list for each week, but also a time chart of when to start each step.  My kind of simple.  Plus, a great way to teach our future homemakers in training time management in the kitchen.  Again, some of the recipes are very simple, but those are the ones my family liked best.  I promise!  The kids loved it because it also includes one special snack eack week as well as one dessert...which often became a homeschool cooking project and our Friday Family Night dessert.

2-  My own version of Supper's On The Table.  Not nearly as nice as Rachel's, but yep, I did my own version using all of my favorite recipes.  Now on my to do list: laminate copies for each of my children.

3- Phone a friend!  Seriously.  I have been known to call someone, you know who you are, and ask what you are fixing...and then follow suit.  Hey, I am not picky!

4- EMeals.  This one is new for me, currently doing it now, but I love how it combines recipes plus low cost items/sales with a store of your choice.  I promise to post soon on how I cut our grocery budget in half soon, but for now, this is one simple way to get started.

So, how about you...what's cooking at your house today?  Do share on the blog please, it just might be tomorrow's meal!


  1. Martha Stewarts light General Tso Chicken, you can Google the recipe, double the sauce ingredients even my picky eater asked for seconds :)

    1. Sounds yummy, Laura! I will check that out pronto! Hey, somehow I delated another reply of yours on another post. Complete accident, so sorry! Still trying to learn this whole blog thing, but rest assured, R rolled her eyes at me and gave her momma another lesson! haha

    2. No worries, I am extremely tech challenged so I completely know how that happens :) I love reading your blog tho :)

  2. We have to plan far in advance!!! We have some allergy kiddos so we have to be more creative than I'd like to be. We had chicken pad thai for dinner tonight and plan to have BBQ chicken and veggies Tuesday night. Then we'll have an old standby on Wednesday-spaghetti and meatballs. I hate when I don't plan ahead and I feel lost at dinner time. On those nights when I forget to plan, we end up with some type of taco salad or soup with whatever is left in the fridge.

    1. Hey Lexi, do you mind sharing where we can get The chicken recipe, please?

  3. I am singing your praises, Lexi, and anyone who is dealing with allergy concerns while meal planning. It is challenging enough with just mildly picky eaters! Your menu sounds yummy! Since we do soup most Fridays for lunch, I tend not to make them during the week...think I will reevaluate that plan....taco soup is calling my name!


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