Monday, February 13, 2012

Kid Time!

I passionately love my kiddos.  Bet 'cha knew that!  But here's the thing I have been they know that?  You see, when you have four kiddos, or two or three or up for that matter, God in His humor makes them all very different...just to keep you on your toes!  So each of my four sees mom and dad's love a little differently.

My firstborn...she is a physical touch gal...hug her, she's happy!
My second...she is a gift gal...enough said!
My third...he's a little harder to figure out, but gifts and time seem to work for now.
The four year old...TIME!  Play with me, are you going to play with me, who's going to play with get the idea!

See what I is enough to make a momma's head spin some days!  Most days!  And it is easy to smile  and send them on their way while I get caught up in the business of the day.  So today I am challenged to purposely spend time with each of them, speaking their language in some small way...which will be big to them.  I can tell them I love them often, but I want them to KNOW it, to feel it to the very center of their core.
Kind of sounds like the Lord...He loves us, but do we know the very center of our core?  Do we make time for Him as He gives us His touch, gifts, time and yes, even blesses us with playtime in our lives?  Let me assure you...He longs to lavish us with all those things and more!
John 3:16 "for God so LOVED the world..." 

So inspire me...leave a note on this blog and tell me... how do you plan to love your children today?  I really want to know!


  1. A little behind on my blog reading due to a massive amount of illness in our household. Loved what you had to say here about how different your children are,even got me thinking about where the hubby and I fit into that category. I am for sure a touch me, hug me, I'm happy type of girl. My husband on the other hand is a gift guy. Keeping that in mind as his birthday swiftly approaches. What I am going to do today for each child. . . My oldest who still is not feeling well is a cuddler and a hugger. So some TV time and cuddling I believe is in order. My second is a harder one to read but I believe he is a combination of cuddle and time. He has a puzzle he has been working on so I think we will do that today. 3rd is play with me all the way around. So time for playtime his choice. Should be something like legos, blocks, or reading.

  2. I have been thinking about this exact issue in our house for quite a while. With four little ones it is easy to fall behind in speaking the Love Language of all. I have specific concerns about my second child which seems to need a lot of one on one time, so I have been trying to figure out how I can carve out some time to do just that. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. O.k. I apologize if this shows up twice:
    I have been thinking about this exact issue at our house, having four little ones it is difficult to sometimes have enough time to speak all of their Love Languages. However, I have been trying to figure out how to do just that specifically with my oldest girl (second child), she really needs some 1:1 time so I need to figure out where to get the time to do that. Thanks for the reminder

  4. I have spent time with them. Forgetting about all of the distractions around me. Just the three of us making memories. :)

  5. We did the love languages class at our church, and I was interested to see what their dominant language was. Both of my kids love time and attention, but I have one who also really enjoys verbal phrase, while my other is more of a touchy/feely little guy.

  6. My kids both love time and attention, but I have one who also really enjoys verbal praise while my other one is the touchy/feely/huggy kind!

  7. I know my kids love me when they want to hugs, kisses and cuddles. My son also shows me by doing things for me.


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