Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Making the First Day Special

So you have made the decision to homeschool.  You have weighed the costs, chosen curriculum and are ready for the first day. 


Let me share a secret with you.  Any first day is hard.  Whether it is the first day of work, the first day at traditional school, or the first day of homeschooling.

Nervous anticipation and unclear expectations, with a hint of excitement.  And that is just you- not the kids!  I know because I have done it about 23 times.

The BEST way I have learned to start the school year is with some kind of fun tradition.  It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, but just something that says, yay us, this is going to be a fun adventure.  Remember, your kiddos are taking their cues from you- make them good ones!

Here are some ideas for you-

Have new school supplies and a few fun treats at your child's "desk" when they wake up.  We have tried to do this every year.  A few notebooks, pens and pencils, folders, stickers, even a new water bottle.  Some years I even added a few special snacks for the first week.  Especially when they were younger, they looked forward to getting up that first morning to see what was waiting for them.

Go out to breakfast.  I know several families that make a special first day breakfast, or pile their kids in the car to go out for breakfast.  What a fun way to start the day.

Buy new pajamas and school all day in them.  Hey, everyone thinks homeschoolers school in their jammies all day every day anyway, so might as well have some fun!

Take the day off.  Yep, you heard me!  Wave at the buses as they go by and surprise them by declaring it an off day!

Start with games.  Sure, they can be spelling or math games, but what kids doesn't like games?

Go on a field trip.  Many homeschoolers use Fridays as errand or field trip day.  But why not shake things up and visit your local zoo, park, or favorite business?

Take pictures of the first day.  I have to admit, I have NEVER done this and it is the one thing I wish I had done differently  Yes, they may fight you on holding that poster and posing, but they will enjoy looking back at them in years to come.

No matter how you choose to start the first day of school. I encourage you to have fun and make memories.  That is what your kids will remember once the equations and facts and figures all fade from their minds. 

School is important.
Families are more important. 


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  1. Great ideas!! I need to incorporate something special for the first day so that it is looked forward to and not dreaded!! Thank you, Michele for the reminder!!


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