Friday, February 1, 2019

What Our Weekly Cleaning Looks Like

Since we are 4 weeks deep in our 34 Weeks of Clean series, I have gotten several questions about our weekly cleaning schedule.  No, for the record,  I do not ignore the rest of the house while we "34 week" it!  While we do concentrate on one area a week for deep cleaning, decluttering and organizing, there are still other places in the house that get dirty through the week and have to be cleaned.  Bummer, right!?

Let me begin by telling you I do not believe there is a right and wrong way to do this.  I have tried many different ways and in different seasons, some have worked better than others.  This is just where we are now.  When I was a kid I helped my mom clean on Saturday mornings.  I use the term "morning" lightly, because I am an only child, and it took the two of us a long while to clean. (She did hire someone to help her AFTER I left for college, true story!)  I remember often putting on loud music and the two of us working until the whole house was done.  If you didn't work, you didn't play later.

I am sure I did a lot of complaining then but I look back at those days with a smile.  Projects are always more fun with friends, right!  And they often get done more quickly.

That being said, I do not do our house all in one day at this point in my life.  My two girls are grown and the boys, well, we would just not do as well as I would like.

So here is my method, quite similar to my 34 Weeks method.  One room or area a day!
Here's what it looks like for me- And yes, I have it posted because I cannot remember one minute to the next, more or less one week to another!

Monday- Living Room
Tuesday- Laundry and Hall Bath
Wednesday- Master Bathroom
Friday- Dining Room and Library
Saturday- Bedroom
Sunday- Towels/sheets

Now I know that leaves some spaces, but that is where my family and team work come in.  

They also have a similar chart, but with their areas in it.  So the boys both have days for their laundry, bedrooms, their bathroom, taking out trash, scooping the yard, etc.  My oldest kindly keeps up with our third floor, the kitchen there included, as that is where she lives currently.

Keep in mind, this is weekly cleaning, not necessarily deep cleaning.  I do try to do baseboards the first week of each month, and because I have learned the hard way, I do the blinds in each room weekly now.  Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

In a perfect world it works great!  News flash- we do not live in a perfect world, so some days get missed and the next day I have to double up.  Such is life, but in general I try hard to stick with the plan.

Is it a perfect solution?  Maybe not, but it works for us.  Give it a go, see what you think, and adjust to your needs in this season!

Happy cleaning, ya'll!


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