Friday, September 28, 2018

From House to HOME!

 I firmly believe that people are what makes a house a home.  Any house can provide four walls and shelter, but until you put people in it who love, laugh, and live there, it is simply that- a shelter.

We want this house to be a home.  Not just for us, but for all who walk through our doors, whether for just a few minutes or for days.  We want people to feel welcome and loved.  Because they are!

Aside from a few boxes in the library/office and the garage (let's not talk about that yet) we are unpacked and settled! 

We are HOME! 

 And we have a calendar packed with names of people coming to visit already.  It is so exciting.  There are rooms ready and plenty of space and it makes me grin from ear to ear.

So for a quick tour- minus the library which is still a work in progress and will get its own post and the boys room, well, because...boys!

I tried to take the after picture from the same viewpoint as our before, but bear with me regardless- I do not claim to be a photographer.

This is the Master Bedroom. It is on the main floor, which makes me very happy.  I was going to get rid of the yellow paint, but it is growing on me so it may stay for a while.

This is the view from our kitchen eat in area to the living room.  The chandelier is lovely, but not our style so we will try to sell it and replace it at some point.  It's on the to-do list!

If you are sitting on the leather couch, this would be your view with the kitchen to the right.

This is our basement family room.  Currently on Sundays, it is filled with young adults having coffee, sharing food, playing games, and lots of laughter.  Makes my heart so happy that they feel welcome here.

And the view from sitting on the couches.

On the top floor is the boys' loft- also where their bedrooms are.  We pray it will be a great space for pre-teen and teen gatherings as well. The couch is also a pull out bed for kids to use.

Just a quick kitchen view.  The jury is still out as to how I feel about open cabinets.  In theory, I love them, but I am not convinced the visual clutter won't get to me in a few months.  Time will tell.

Yes, our hall bath was lavender.  Not sure why as it did not go with anything else in the house, but Ashton fixed it quickly for me and a sweet friend gave us the mirror!

The dining room- also where the boys and I do some school, so yes, the sideboard is full of current school supplies and curriculum.

And last but not least- YOUR room.  We do have a room currently being used as a workout room and sewing space for Ashton that will eventually be a guest room as well.  Baby steps...

 A quick peak at the girl's rooms-

Our new family mantra is LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE!  (I need a sign, Jennisa!) Pray for us to do that well!

And make your reservation soon! ;)  Your room is waiting.

So is the front porch!


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