Wednesday, September 5, 2018

101 Doodle Definitions is a Hit!

It is always so much fun to review for Timberdoodle Co!  I mean, have you seen their catalog?  They carry solid curriculum and so many fun "extras,"  we have a wish list a mile long and the boys are always adding to the list!

We recently had the opportunity to review 101 Doodle Definitions which is part of the 5th Grade Curriculum Kit but can also be purchased separately.  This cute little book packs a punch with learning vocabulary.  There are 101 vocabulary words presented, hence the name, that are often found on tests.  With a word on each page, the student is given the part of speech, definition, and a sample sentence of how the word could be used.

After that there is a picture to correspond with the word, and step by step instructions on how to draw the picture.  A space is provided on each page for your drawing.  The concept is ingenious- "Don't just memorize, visualize."  By using the first letter of the word as the first step in the picture, the picture is then completed in about 3 to 6 additional steps.

Here is an example-

bombast(noun)- exaggerated speech that sounds like more than it actually means.

You begin by drawing a lower case b and then continue from there.

Pretty cool, huh?!

So how have we been using this?
As always, the timing was perfect for this review as we were stuck in an AirBNB for 3 months awaiting our move and had not brought enough school work to keep us busy!  When 101 Doodle Definitions showed up, we stared immediately with my 6th grade son.

Each day we would cover two words, reading through the word, part of speech, definition and sample sentence.  Then we would take turns trying to draw the word picture.  Of course, that usually turned into Colby drawing it while I looked on! ;)

An unexpected blessing is that he got so excited about learning new words and definitions that we began to quiz the family each night to see who else knew the definitions.  Colby takes great joy in knowing words the rest of the family does not, such as Bombast!

To make it even more fun, there was a large mirror behind the kitchen table at the house we were staying at, so we began to draw the words on the mirror in the evening to show everyone what we had learned that day.  Now that we are in our new house, it is back to a white board, but still fun.

 I LOVE this book and the way it teaches.  Let's face it, when learning is fun, more knowledge is often attained.  In addition for all those visual learners out there, me included, this is a great way to make learning easier.  While I think 5th graders and up are probably the best bet for this book, if you have a kiddo who loves art or is a lover of words, I am betting they would do just fine with 101 Doodle Definitions.  You may have to help them with pronunciation occasionally, as some of the words are not commonly heard ones.

This would also be a great way for an older teen to review vocabulary before an ACT or SAT test.  You just never know what words will show up on those things!

Be sure to check 101 Doodle Definitions out, as well as all the other fun stuff you can find on Timberdoodle Co's website.  You won't be disappointed and I bet you can come up with a wish list just as long as mine!


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