Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Celebrating 25 Years

You have may have seen on facebook that my husband and I just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary last week!  It's a pretty big deal since the reality is we have actually known each other for 33 years.

I will make the math easy for you- yes, we met in 8th grade.  I know, right?!  I have put up with him for a long time.

Just kidding.

So here we are many years later.  4 kids later.  Many locations later.  You get the idea.

It was HOT ya'll!

For years we talked about a 10 year anniversary get away.  Then a 15.  And then a 20.  You get the idea.  Didn't happen.  Life happens and we got busy and while we did celebrate, we never got away.

This time almost didn't happen either.  My recovery from gall bladder surgery was much harder and slower than I had hoped and expected and we weren't sure I was going to be able to get away.  In the end, I took a chance.  So glad I did!

Luckily for us there is this great place not too far from us that my hero was able to make a reservation for the weekend at, and away we went.

Lied Lodge.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn't either.

But it is a really cool place and former home to the man who founded Arbor Day.  You can tour the homestead, gardens, and grounds.  It is simply lovely.

 And just what we needed.

 Rest. Beauty. Nature. Quiet.

The Old Homestead at Lied Lodge

The back view

 Happy Anniversary, my love!

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