Friday, March 31, 2017

What's For Dinner, Mom?

I have this kiddo who is a slight control freak.  He also likes food, a lot!  And he thrives on a schedule.

Therefore, practically every morning he wakes up asking what's for dinner!  Seriously!  Like, as we are eating breakfast he asks.  Then he will ask again at lunch.  Sometimes during school, and always at least once again before dinner.  It drives me crazy.

I can't decide if he just forgets or for some reason just needs to be reassured, that yes, we are going to have dinner.  And for the record, I do not think I have ever NOT had dinner for him.  Just saying.

For a while I told him a million times a day what was for dinner.
Then for a while, I just answered wait and see.
Then I ignored him for a long while.  That just freaked him out even more.

And then I got smart! (It happens occasionally, you know!)

I showed him my menu plan, showed him the new location it was kept, and told him that any time he needed to know what was for dinner he was welcome to CHECK THE CHART!

No more asking mom.  The chart didn't lie.

I hung it with a clip on a command hook inside one of our cabinets, close to the stove for easy access.  I even clip any recipes for the week to it so it makes it even more simple!

Has it been the perfect fix?  No, there are NO perfect fixes, just so you know!  But it has helped a ton!  I am no longer responsible for the needed information.  He knows he can locate it and view it at any given time.  As often as he likes.  Funny thing is, I bet he only looks at it half of the time now and I am pretty sure I have never seen him look at it more than once a day.  Go figure!

Maybe it's a control thing.  Maybe he just really was on a mission to drive mom crazy.

Whatever it is, we have found a fix.  Until the next thing, at least.

Want to see what I use?

I found this template off the website Godly Glimpses and it is the one that has worked best for me!  I simply write down the meal idea for each day and note special days like company, crock pot, out to eat, whatever.  I am not too specific on sides unless there is a need for something special because we are salad and veggie people (well, most of us) so that is usually our go to.

Here's what I LOVE about these particular forms.
  • The ingredients list is right beside the meal.  If I know I have something, I do not list it.  We keep a fairly well stocked freezer and pantry.  But if the menu contains something I do not have, I write down that ingredient to the right of the meal.

  • After that is done for each day of the week, I simply transfer those things to the master shopping list.  Love, love, love that that list is broken into types of foods.  In the past I was REALLY bad about back tracking because like items were not in the same place on my list.  Drove my older kids crazy!  But now, I am less likely to backtrack since I have all the items in like categories.

Yay me!

Now, off to plan another week's menu!


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