Friday, March 3, 2017

3 Seeds- Another Great Game and Review

We were introduced to Chara Games by way of a review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  At that time, we received their new game Commissioned.  It is a keeper, and we play it a lot.  Since then the husband and wife team, Patrick and Kat Lysaght, owners and the creators of Chara Games, developed a second game, this time a card game, called 3 Seeds.

3 Seeds is a "light" strategic card game for 2-5 players.  The recommended age is 12+ , but our 9 year old has picked it up fairly quickly!  We love strategy games, but they are often too big to lug around, so we were excited to find one that we can pop in my pocketbook and take on the go.

CharaGames aims to develop games that have Christian themes for teens and adults.  While you do not have to be a Christian to play them, I believe you will by all means appreciate them more as a Christian.  There is also a good deal of history to be learned as well as character and Christian principles, all wrapped up in the fun of the games!

So how is 3 Seeds played?

Time, Labor, and Money are your "seed" cards.  Plant them in your "fields" and the fields of others to reap points.  Each field requires a certain number of each card to be completed.  With each completed field you earn points towards winning.  You must choose the fields in which you plant carefully, as some have higher point values than others.  There are also "special event" cards that can add bonus points to your score.


I like this card game as it takes some thought and although there is a winner,  in some ways it is a group effort game (actually Ashton just informed me that it is not at all a group effort game, and that is why I never win).  I also love that it can be played in about 30 minutes.  For a family that has a kid that begs to play games daily and is past the simple kid board games, that is a plus for us!

Like Commissioned and 3 Seeds, but ready for something new?  CharaGame  just fully financed their new game Unauthorized in a record two days, and the kickstarter campaign is still going strong to even more fully support the upcoming release.  We cannot wait to get our copy and get started!

With two amazing games out and another one on the way, we are eager to see Chara Games take it's place in the world of strategy games.  They are well on their way!

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