Friday, December 9, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree(s)!

I told you before, I love Christmas!

Every since I was a child and put out decorations with my mom I have loved the sights, smells, and sounds of Christmas!  I remember my mom painstakingly arranging hundreds of lights on our Christmas tree each year.  I loved to look at the tree through squinted eyes so you saw just one big blur of color.

Now, in my own home, you can squint your eyes and see several big blurs of color!

We have an Americana tree that we have put up for years.  There is something about the red, white, and blue ornaments that makes me smile.  It also helps us to remember the military members who are deployed and the families that are celebrating without them.  We have been that family several times and we know how hard it can be.  We are thankful for those who serve along side of us!


Then there is my cross tree. I do not remember how this got started but I love adding to it each year.  It really is a good reminder to us that Christ is indeed the whole reason for celebrating Christmas, without Him, there would be no holiday at all!


Next up is our family tree.  This tree has taken many different paths throughout the years.  We had a monstrous artificial tree for the past few years but finally decided it took up way too much space so we passed it on.  I just recently found a small tree with pinecones and berries that I adore.  For now it remains empty, but when our college girl, Riley, gets home we will decorate it with her!  This year I hope to weed through the years of collected family ornaments and downscale, keeping only the ones we really love and adore.  I want this tree to speak of the memories we hold close to our hearts!

Next- the kid's tree.  The three olders used to decorate this together and have it in the hall near their bedrooms.  Our youngest, Colby, has now taken it over and decorates it for his room!  I think he just likes using the lights as a nightlight, but hey, if it works... right?  Most of the ornaments were given to the kids by friends and grandparents or are homemade from church and preschool.

Ashton and Riley both now have little trees in their rooms as well.  Ashton had hers in college and when we saw a pink one it screamed Riley's name.  She will decorate it when she gets home next week!  (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

This white, ceramic tree was made by my Aunt years ago and always finds a special place in our home.

My cardinal tree sits on our front porch most of the winter months.  The little red birds bring me almost as much joy as the real ones on the back deck!

I do have one more small tree I think (shhhhh, don't tell my hubby!) that I may put our angel ornaments on if I can find a place to put it, but we will see!  Until then, just imagine me walking around the house, eyes squinted, enjoying the lights!

Wanna join me?

Next week I will share the rest of the decorations!


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