Friday, December 16, 2016

Let It Snow, Let it Snow!

Or at least can we pretend it is snowing?  Only one snow here and it is gone, but the temperatures are beginning to fall, so here's hoping!

In the meantime, we are decorating the house.  Can I tell you how excited I am?  We do not usually get stuff out until the second week in December, but, hey, one can change plans, right?

Last year if you recall we moved into our house the week before Christmas.  Just weeks after our hero had returned home after a year deployment.  It was a crazy time and we only managed to get one quick tree up.  We were busy trying to unpack boxes and get settled and I just couldn't think about adding a layer of Christmas stuff to the confusion.  Hind sight, I might do things differently, but oh well.

So this year, we are excited about decorating.  After all, we haven't seen most of the stuff in two years.  This is also the year where we are determined to weed through stuff (we being me and Ashton) and update a few things.  Since there are not any "littles" in our house anymore, some things are ready to be moved on to someone else who can love and enjoy them.

The Nutcrackers stay, as they are memories of my dancing days and all the years I performed in the Nutcracker Ballet.

The snowmen are being dispersed and only a few of my favorites are staying!


The mantle is getting a new look because, well, last year we did not even have a mantle!

There is a new wreath at the door and lit trees on the porch that Ashton and I made, thanks to Pinterest! (Although no more of that silliness, thank you very much!)

And we cannot forget my new centerpiece Ashton made for me!

WHEW, I am tired!  Time to snuggle up by the fire with a Christmas book!  We will talk about those traditions in the next few days.

I love Christmas!  Do you?


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  1. Looks fabulous ... like right out of a magazine! But way cozier....Love, Susan


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