Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break

Yes, I think spring has finally come to Nebraska.  Mostly.  We still have a cold wind occasionally and a frost a few nights ago, but on a whole, the weather is turning!

This was my view yesterday from my swing in the backyard.

See?  The grass is greening up and the farmer is getting ready to plant the field.  I am contemplating what to plant in the barrel that the previous owners left.

My sweet hubby also has off this week, and my mom arrives for a two week visit on Thursday, AND Riley performs twice in A Midsummer Nights Dream on Friday, so I declared this week- 


Yay me!

Because of our crazy last year with dad in and out, mostly out, I have felt a little behind in school. Much to the despair of my kiddos, that has meant no breaks in school work since January.  None.  So, this week- no school.

Just a few projects I can't wait to share with you soon.  The front porch is being transformed as is the kids' bathroom.  We are so excited.  We, being me mostly!

It feels good to turn my concentration to the house for a few days and even tempts me to start 34 Weeks of Clean again.  Still working my way through making that project into a book.  Please keep that in your prayers, if you think about it!  It is a big project!

That's about all from here on this beautiful Monday!  For those of you still with snow, I am wishing you blue skies and warm temperatures soon!


  1. I would love to join you in your next 34 weeks of clean.

  2. Enjoy your spring break. We are taking next week off from school and since I already planted the garden I am hoping to be able to do "want" project rather than a "have to do" project. I enjoyed 34 weeks of clean before and need to do it again.


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