Monday, April 18, 2016

Not "Just" a Season

I think it started about middle school age. 

    -If I can JUST get to high school, things will be great.

    -When I was in high school, it was if I could just get to college...

    -In college it was, if I could just get married...

    -Once married, when I have kids...

    -When I had kids, wait till I have grandkids...

Ok, maybe I am not quite there yet, but you get the idea.  Always waiting for the next season. And all the while, uttering these words-

This is JUST a season

Mark your calendar (or mine at least): No more "just a season."

A season- yes!  But not JUST

Somehow that statement seems to mean that if I can just get through this time, a better one is waiting. And maybe it is.  But maybe I am in this season to learn and grow and see what God has for me. OK, no "maybe" about it. That IS why I am in each season.

There is no doubt in my mind that God can and will use each season in our lives for His purpose and glory.  Every season. 

So to label it "just" a season seems to take away the importance of its ultimate purpose. To belittle the lessons.  To negate the learning.

What if passing though a trial takes us to a mountain top?
What if that thorn is producing some beautiful ?
What if that heartache and pain makes us stronger?
We can't always know what God is doing. Sometimes we may not even see it this side of heaven. But rest assured He is working. And if we shrug it off as just a season we may miss the lessons He has for us.

So my pain in high school?  A lesson
My loneliness in college? A lesson
Every military move? A lesson
Our road to adoption? A lesson. 
Three hard military deployments? Lessons

See a pattern?  Each of those "trials" made me who I am today. They are still making me who I am in some ways. 

Depending on your theology- at the very least, God allowed those things into our lives.  At the very most, He planned each one to the minute detail. Either way you look it, God is at the center, He is in control, and He wants what's best for you- all to bring Him glory!

So I am giving up that whole "just" a season thing and embracing my life today- where God has me.

Because whatever season it is, it is good because it is from God!

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  1. Amen, Michele! Wonderful words of truth.

  2. So true! If we're only focused on getting out of a trial, we completely miss out on the wonderful message God sends with it.

  3. Great thought Michele! I definitely want to learn the lessons.


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