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You know that old saying about don't blink, because your kids will grow up just like that?  It is true!   I know because I am getting ready to present my second daughter the Exclusive High School Diploma from in a few weeks!

Weeks people!  It is getting real!

With our first daughter we did not do the whole diploma thing.  We had a party, but the only "diploma" she saw was one we made ourselves and printed off last minute. I couldn't even tell you why, maybe I just feel like it was a mommy fail moment, but for whatever reason it has nagged me slightly since then.  When the opportunity to review HomeschoolDiploma came up, I knew at once I wanted to be on it since I have a graduating senior this year.  One that will actually go to a graduation ceremony!

Ordering is so easy.  You get to choose from 10 different styles, add extras on such as seals and awards, choose the wording and more.  It was too fun! also offers a variety of other fun things for graduating seniors, so of course we ended up ordering the Senior Deluxe Package that includes a shirt that will go into her tee shirt quilt, thank you notes, a portfolio for pictures, a tassel, and fun little charm.


Our experience?


As a matter of fact, I even made a mistake and put in the order for two diplomas and before they filled the order, customer service called me to verify whether or not I wanted two!  I love it when a company is large enough to have a lot to offer, but small enough to be customer service oriented.

And the diploma?

Well, take a look for yourself!

I love it!  Riley and I went through the steps together because I wanted it to be something that meant a lot to her, hence her opinion mattered.  (She did want our school name to be The Pleasants Academy for Gifted Girls, but I told her seeing that we still had her two brothers to graduate, that would not be very nice.)

Here's what we did-

With the Exclusive Diploma option, you can choose from 4 different seals to add to your diploma. Riley chose the Soli Deo Gloria one because it means "to God alone be the glory!"  It is such a personal touch for us since we feel that God indeed led us to this journey, led us through, and should get ALL the glory for Riley's success!  Another one that I bet is quite popular is the Classical Education Seal!

Next you will add all your student information, including the name of your school.  You will then choose the wording you want, add dates and signature spaces (you decide what titles you want to use), design details, and any honors designations you need to.  The final step will be to choose your diploma cover design. The padded cover, which you can personalize with a seal, school name, and even a student name, is a feature that comes free with the Exclusive Diploma.  There are several options under each step, including wording and styles and even paper choice, so each diploma truly is a personalized work of art for YOUR student.  I would encourage you to take each step slowly as to not make any mistakes, but you can always go back and adjust if you change your mind before ordering.

A few other things that you may like-
  • Hand calligraphy for your student's name at an additional charge
  • Honors seals at an additional cost
  • Rush delivery options
  • Archive and wallet sized diplomas are available
  • Kindergarten and 8th grade diplomas are also available
  • Rings, caps and gowns and more are also available!
We are thrilled with Riley's diploma, and!

Exclusive High School Diploma Review
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  1. Thank you! I just ordered! Can't believe I ordered so late.


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