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Super Teacher Worksheets- Schoolhouse Review

I love when we are blessed with a review product we did not even know we needed.  Sometimes, I am simply intrigued by a product and ask for it just to satisfy my curiosity.  Such was the case with Super Teacher Worksheets.  We were blessed by a year long Individual Membership (a full 365 days!) and I am pretty sure I have found myself a new toy! This is a GREAT teacher resource, whether you are a homeschooler or a public school teacher!  Super Teacher Worksheets is an amazing website that gives you access to over 10,000 worksheets of all sorts.  Yes, you read that correctly- over 10,000.  I haven't printed that may yet, but boy could I! The cost of an individual membership is $19.95 per year for unlimited access to the worksheets.  School memberships are also available.  You will find FREE printables on just about every page, but trust me, you are going to want a membership.  It is worth every penny and for the price of what you would spend on just one workbook elsewhere, you will have every subject at your fingertips.
Worksheet categories include-
Reading and Writing
Phonics and Literacy
Spelling Lists and Worksheets (Grades 1-5)
Social Studies
Puzzles and Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make Your Own Worksheets

Within each of those categories are sub-categories, so you can see how your choices can multiply quickly.  You just sign up for a membership, choose a category, find a worksheet that fits your needs, and then print.  So easy and so much fun!

For each worksheet you see you may print the file, preview the file, choose to see it in another language if applicable, or put it in your file cabinet.

If you are like me, one of the most important features on the home page is the My File Cabinet part. When you find something you like while you are are searching for something else (just saying because it happens, trust me), you can click on the picture of a file and it will automatically be added to your file cabinet for quick access at a later date. I tried to anticipate our week and print pages that fit into our school work on Sundays, but I found myself going back throughout the week to find an extra something, often just for fun.

Another great feature is the Worksheet Generator Tool which will help you create just about any worksheet you can dream up- from standard worksheets to puzzles, flashcards, and quizzes. Templates help you choose the format and parameters you desire and are quite easy to use to better fit the subjects or concepts you are working on.

On the home page you will also find fun featured pages.  When we began this review there were tons of back to school pages, like this one that had Colby write his name, age, favorite book, friends, and more.  We mounted it on colored paper and taped it to our school cabinet where he could see it throughout the year.  I love the idea of doing this at the beginning of each year as a fun keepsake for each grade.  Currently, you will find a ton of Autumn printables.

Another area we used and really enjoyed was the Social Studies area.  One of the sub-categories is the 50 states.  Since we spent 5 weeks this summer learning the states and capitals, I printed off a games of state facts to add to our knowledge.  You print the game board, instructions and cards and you are ready to go.  Colby played this a lot as you can see from the wrinkled board, and beat me frequently! Next time we will make sure to mount games on cardboard or at least print them on card stock!

A third area we frequented was Puzzles and Brain Teasers.  My kids love games, so anytime I can combine that with learning I am thrilled.  This game involved trying to see how many words you could make from the word "scarecrow."  Colby started by himself but as you can see on this one, visiting Grandparents and a great aunt and uncle got in the act as well.

One of the areas I most recently was able to explore was the Reading and Writing area.  Under the section "chapter books" are alphabetized books and corresponding activities.  I was excited to find a few Magic Tree House books on the list and printed the chapter questions out for us to use next week for reading.  Other activity pages are available including word searches, vocabulary, and more.

Reading comprehension pages, according to grade level, have also been popular here.  I like using these on Fridays for a break from our regular school, but also for practice for standardized testing.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

On that note, if common core is important to you, any worksheets that are aligned with CC are marked with a special icon for quick reference.  Common Core standards are also listed for your ease of use.

For all of my teacher friends out there, the Teacher Helpers tab is one you do not want to miss! You can print things such as desk tags, lesson plans, letters to parents, permission forms, calendars, newsletters, and more! An area I will use often is the awards section, including a fabulous behavior award! I don't know about you, but I love fabulous behavior!!

Don't know where to start?  A section called Top Picks might be the place for you!  Just be forewarned, you will not want to stop there.  This site is addictive!  Whether you use it for fill-ins when you need to give your child a little something to do, for review when your child just needs a little practice, for fun when they have earned game and puzzle time, or as a resource for yourself as a teacher, Super Teacher Worksheets will supply all that and more.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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