Friday, September 18, 2015

Did I Ever Tell You?

Did I ever tell you the story about the family who was going to hear about where they were moving in March?

No?  How about April?

Make that August.  Nope, September.

Well, now, why the rush?  It's not like you will be moving in December.  Let's make it October.

Hopefully.  (And yes, we are moving in December- somewhere)

Oh my word, just hang me by my toenails now!  Seriously.

Did you know that I am a little anal retentive?
A planner.
A worshiper of all things calendars and schedules.

I have told many a people, I do not care where we move  just tell me where in advance.  Like, way in advance.

Obviously I have not told enough people because my way in advance plan is slowly going down the drain.

I am pretty sure God is giggling.
Actually, I think He is laughing hysterically.

I am not.

I am eagerly, albeit not so patiently, waiting for His plans to unfold
I am praying for Him to prepare our hearts for a new location.
I am praying for the new friends we will meet and the dear ones we will say see ya later to.
I am praying for His perfect will to become our wildest dreams.
And I am praying I have a great story to tell you about it all.

Maybe sometime in October!


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  1. Looking forward to a fun story and hopefully you will get a date for moving and can be ready when you need to be.


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