Friday, July 24, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 30- The Computer

Technology- ugh!  I am just going to go on and admit to you that I am not a techie queen.  Cleaning queen, maybe, but NOT a techie queen.  That is one of the reasons I pay my 17 year old to maintain my blog.  When she leaves, I am in BIG trouble.

And computers?  Well, they fall under the techie thing and therefore are not my friends.  In addition, with my hero husband away for the moment, I am at an even bigger disadvantage. I tease him that if ever something happens to him I am going to throw away all things techie, with the computers going first.  I. Am. Serious!

This week though, despite my hang ups, we are continuing with the Office theme and hitting the computer, or computers in some cases!  Don't worry, this involves a lot of deleting (which I am good at) and some file rearranging, which my daughter is good at! Plus some general cleaning that I am sure we can all manage.

If this is an easy week for you, I do NOT want to know.  I prefer to think that everyone else is suffering right along side of me, thank you very much!

So here is the plan for Cleaning up your computer!

  • First of all, wipe it down. This includes the screen, tower, mouse, and keyboard.  Dust settles in cracks and crevices quickly and can really mess things out.  I know some people that use the cans of pressurized air or a vacuum cleaner with brush attachments.  I also use a Norwex cloth meant for mirrors that I love!  No need for harsh chemicals. 

Once again my friend Kemi, from Homemaking Organized, has created a printable checklist to keep you focused!
  • Next, on to the techie stuff.  Ugh!  Your goal is to go through and cleanup or delete old, unused files, pictures, and downloads.  I was AMAZED at how much was stored on my computer that had been there for years and that we did not need.  Apparently I download a lot of files I forget about and never use.  Who knew?  And pictures- well, let's just say I am not as organized in that area as I wish I was.  Luckily my 17 year old IT girl is better at it and is on a mission to rescue me.  Remember, folders are your friends.  Even if you have a ton of them, at least if they are clearly labeled you can retrieve things you need quickly.  Follow the same rule that we talked about from last week- EVERYTHING HAS A HOME!  

  • Finally, look at your computer desktop and see what you can do to clean it up.  Sometimes just a simple rearrangement will do wonders!
  • For those of you with iPads, iTouches, and such, I suggest you do the same thing there as well.  You will be amazed at how much storage space you can free up by just a quick overhaul of what you have!
As for last week, I know many of you are still knee deep in paper work.  That is okay!  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!  Rome was not built in a day, nor were our messes made in a day. Keep setting that timer for 15 minutes a day and see what you can get done!

It is week 30 ya'll!!  Can you even believe it???  Four more weeks to go on this amazing journey.  Before you know it you will not recognize your home.  One of friends participating just recently moved and said their moving weight was noticeably less!  Yay Cristi!!!  You are proof that it CAN be done!  Make sure you all link up and show us your successes!

And just for fun, a Norwex cleaning cloth has been added to the prize basket!  

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  1. This is one of those things I try to do every week but get stymied by the sheer amount of things on my hard drive. Oh well keep backing up and one day I'll get it nice and organized.


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