Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How About Some Fun?

Welcome back to another month of the Homeschooling Highschool Blog hop!  I pray that last month's post was a blessing to you and you were able to HOP around to many other amazing blogs and find even more to help you get started.  One of the glories of homeschooling is that you are NEVER alone in your adventure and there are many talented and dedicated mommas out there that want to help you.  Take my advice- use what you can! It takes a village, especially when homeschooling the high school level.

So today's subject is all about electives!  Yep, it's a big one!  And quite frankly, one that one person cannot possibly cover completely so I am going to share a little of what we do and a few things I wish we did.  Again, take time to explore other's posts for even more ideas!  The sky is the limit here, and you want to suit electives to not only what a perspective college would like to see, but also to your child's interests and strengths.

Foreign Languages- Let's face it, this is one that is big simply because most colleges require some sort of foreign language knowledge for entry.  In addition, most states require two years of one language to graduate.  Rosetta Stone of course is the biggest name out there and offers quite a lot of choices if your child is looking for a not so common language to pursue.  My second daughter completed three years of Rosetta Stone, but let's just say it is not for the weak of heart.  Because we teach Spanish in our home, our favorite High School level course is Homeschool Spanish Academy.  By skyping with instructors that are native speakers, you can really immerse yourself in the language as well as culture.  We have nothing but good things to say about this program and its teachers, and we highly recommend it!

Arts- Don't just think art here.  Remember things like choir, band, art, and music appreciation, and any media graphics and design programs.  What about dance or fiber arts or drama or speech?  Often times, co-ops and outside locations in your community are good places to start when looking for these opportunities. My daughters were both able to count piano lessons and voice in their arts elective credits.  Keep a log of all of their practice time as well as lessons and performances and you might be surprised at how many hours they are building. Online classes are also good choices and allow your child to experience college at a less threatening level at first.

Passions- Does your child have one?  Participate in something regularly?  We often forget that those passion can be easily turned into homeschool credit.  Again, keep careful records of your hours involved as well as a good description of the activity.  Then, assign it a name and out it on that transcript!  Woodworking = Shop.  Baking = home economics. Being a nanny = Family and Life skills.

Jobs- Not all of our child's jobs can count as transcript credits, I admit, but do not forget to put them somewhere in your child's transcript.  They do show commitment and interests your child has.

Are there more electives out there?  YOU BET!  I highly suggest you sit down with your highschooler and brain storm together.  Ask a lot of questions, work together and find at least one elective per semester that makes their hearts sing.  Maybe, just maybe, they will whine less about Chemistry! ;)  Here's hoping!

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