Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cursive Logic - Schoolhouse Crew Review

Do you print or write in cursive?  Do you remember learning one before the other?  Do you teach your children one style over the other?

When my oldest was little, cursive was still the thing to teach.  As a matter of fact, some people out there were even encouraging teaching it before print.  Then all of a sudden there were more than a handful of different styles of cursive to teach.  Now, it seems it has become a lost art form.  And somewhere in the middle of all that confusion and change, my oldest, at age 21, was unhappy with her cursive writing.

When CursiveLogic showed up as a possibility to review, it was my 21 year old (believe it or not!) who said "I would like to try that!" And the day the CursiveLogic Workbook arrived in the mail she began the quest to improve her handwriting.  After all, her 8 year old brother told everyone his writing was better than hers!

This 94 page, top spiral-bound workbook includes all you need to know to learn cursive in a quick and logical manner. Created by Linda Shrewsbury, a student can learn the 26 lower case letters in 4 lessons.  You can deccide how quickly of slow you wok through each lesson, depending on the age of your student.

By learning four distinct patterns that Linda calls ovals, loops, swings, and mounds, learning cursive can be easy for students of all ages.  It was developed to help a young man learn to sign his name, a skill that everyone should know regardless of how they choose to print in the future.  By making the process as simple as possible and using color codes and verbal chants that tell you what you are doing as you do it, Linda has taken the tedious work out and left only the necessary steps!

Did it work?  We think so!  See what you think-

With such a simple and efficient way to break down cursive writing, we highly recommend CursiveLogic!

CursiveLogic is intended for students from 7 years old to adult.  Free downloadable practice pages can be found on the CursiveLogig website.  You can choose from Psalms, The Declaration of Independance, or The Gettysburg Address.

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