Monday, January 19, 2015

Around The World

Welcome to Week 3 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair- Exploring Our World, co-hosted by Susan of Homeschooling Hearts & Minds and Stacy of  Super Mommy to the Rescue.

Weeks one and two were busy and I am just as excited about this week!

Today is all about History and Geography! I have a house full of history lovers.  They did not get that from me, by the way, but they do keep me entertained with many useless useful facts during the day.  It is helping me make up for the fact that I did not pay attention to much history in high school.  Sad, but true.  But honestly, if I had heard history like my kids are hearing history I truly believe I would have listened more.

For the 2nd grader-
THIS IS MY FAVORITE!  Veritas Press Self Paced History  This computer based program has been a huge blessing in our lives.  It keeps my son engaged, teaches history from a Christian worldview, and is worth every penny.  We will actually finish this one in about five weeks from now because CJ often doubles up on lessons (he likes it that much!) and I cannot wait to start the next one.  My original plan was to have him do this program independently, which he sure could do, but I am learning so much that we do it together most of the time.  Although we are going to be done with our current level in a few weeks we will not wait until next year to begin again - we can't wait to start the next time period!

For the 7th grader-
Notgrass History- Uncle Sam and You
If you have not used Notgrass, I highly recommend it.  Yes, it is a "typical" textbook experience, but the information is engaging and very well done.  My son always does it early in his school day because he really enjoys it.  You can incorporate literature, Bible, and writing with it but we are not doing that at this time. We do however use the activity book you can purchase separately for a review each day.

For the 11th grader-
She is doing Sonlight's Government program.  This is what we started with our first child so we have just continued it.  It is a solid program and there was no reason to buy anything new at this time.  Depending on how we feel about the higher levels of Notgrass next year, this may be the last time we use this one since my son really likes Notgrass.  Remember, one of the joys of homeschooling is that you can customize your program to fit each child and their learning styles as well as their interests!

And a quick glance at Geography-
Every year is different for us and right now we do not have any specific curriculum we are using for Geography.  Veritas includes Geography in the lessons so I feel for now the 2nd grader is covered.  The other thing we use for him is the If You Were Me and Lived In ...series.  Such cute books and such good information.  He loves them all, but his favorite is the one about Australia!

The other Geography that I highly recommend happens to be Maps, Globes, Graphs Series.  It may seem basic for some, but it really covers many of the skills that your child will be tested on with standardized testing. Because you can pick a level, it is easy to use as a fill in for anything else you may want to use.

To get a glimpse of what others do, here is a list of some friends who are also participating in this week's VCF!  Explore and enjoy!

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Watching History, or Using Video Courses for Social Studies by Debra @ Footprints in the Butter
Exploring our World: High School Studies of Ancient History, American Government and Economics by Laura @ Day by Day in Our World
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