Friday, January 31, 2014

52 weeks of Family Scripture Memorization- week 4

Happy Friday, friends!  I pray this week has been a good one for you.  It has been super busy here, but that is a post for next week.  Can't wait to share some special family excitement with you.

But for now - let's move forward with another scripture aimed at kids.  Well, I say that, but let's face it, FEAR is something we all deal with.  Whether a rational fear of bad weather, just saying, or an irrational fear of monsters in the closet, fear can take a grip on our lives and run us down. Unfortunately, once fear takes a grip, it is often hard to get it to let go.  We humans tend to run things over and over in our minds and let them grow bigger and bigger than they really are.  Or is that just me?

Anyway, one of the ways we teach our kids and ourselves to combat fear is to remember that God is always with us, to turn our fears over to him and to recite scripture.  I just told my six year old recently that if we fall asleep saying a verse over and over in our head, there is no room left for yucky thoughts!

It is a simple one, but oh so true!

When we trust that God wants the best and has the best planned out for us, we can lay our fears aside knowing He is on our side!

What could be better?

How are you teaching your children to tackle fear?  Are you doing the same?


If you need some help with memorization, my friend led me to an app called Fighter Verse!  Check it out!

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