Friday, January 17, 2014

52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization- week 2

I pray that this week finds you all well and warm!  Here in South Dakota we have lots of snow and have been under a blizzard warning for the past two days.  There doesn't seem to be much snow actually falling, but it sure is blowing around.  Makes me ever so thankful for a warm house to snuggle in!

So onto week two of family scripture memorization.  Don't worry if you missed last week, we would love for you to join us at anytime.  At at end of this journey I would love to be able to recite 52 verses, but let's face it, if we only learn one and truly understand what it means and it allows us to drawl nearer to the Lord, then I think He is pleased.  While chanting, singing, or playing games to learn scripture, never forget the true reason for this journey - to know Him and to glorify Him. Otherwise we are just joining a long line of Pharisees!

Last week we learned Psalm 199:11 to remember why we were leaning scripture, now let's move to a verse that tells us why we have the scriptures!

Oh, how I pray you know Jesus, my friends!  If you do not but want to, please never hesitate to contact me.  I would love to walk this path beside you.

We would also love for you to take a minute to let us know how YOUR FAMILY is memorizing scripture and if you have something we can lift in prayer.  Next week we will start a series of verses aimed directly at our kids.


Circling Through This Life
For the Display of His Splendor


  1. I love this idea of memorizing one verse a week. Scripture Memory is SO important, and what a blessing to have all those verses hidden in our hearts.

    I do Scripture memory with the kids at church (currently ages 5-16) every Sunday after lunch, and we have some special times together. We learn the verses with hand motions to make it easier. This coming week we're getting ready to start in on Psalm 119. That's a rather overwhelming task though, so we're breaking it into 24 verse sections and will see how much we can get done this year. It is such a precious thing to hear these children all quoting God's Word together!!

    Thank you for your encouragement to continually memorize God's Word!

    1. How blessed they are to have you as a teacher! We would love to hear how you all do memorizing Psalm 119. What a wonderful goal!

  2. Thanks for this- would love to participate. You might be interested in a "book club" coming up on my friend Becky Pliegos site, "Daily On My Way To Heaven". We will be reading Elyse Fitzpatricks book on parenting adult children..:)

    1. Glad you are joining us! I will look into the Boble study- thank you!

  3. Stopping by from Christian Fellowship Fridays (and the crew). This is great! We are going to start next week :)

  4. That is wonderful Brandy! Glad you stopped in and are joining us!


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