Friday, January 24, 2014

52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization- week 3

Welcome back to week three.  I pray that you have been blessed by memorizing the word of God these past two weeks.  Remember that God's word never comes back void. Even when we think, "oh, I knew that one already" or "hey, that one doesn't apply to me," God has a plan.  And it is always better than ours!

I want to spend the next few weeks on a few verses specifically aimed at children, but once again remember, God's word applies to us all.  We are, after all, all His children.

To help you along, let me give you a few quick tools that have helped us memorize scripture with our kids over the years.

Flash Cards - Write each word of the verse you wish to learn on a separate note card.
  -Line them up in the correct order and read it together.
  -Take out a word and see if your child can remember the missing word.
  -Take out two or three words and see if they can fill them in by memory.
  -Shuffle all the cards and then have your child put them back in the right order.

Sing - Or chant!  We have found for our family that anything put to rhythm is easier to remember.  I am sure there have been Sunday School teachers that have wondered why our kids sing verses but, hey, if it works!

Be active!  Others report that their kids learn better while doing jumping jacks or making up motions. If your child is one of those kind of learners - go for it!

So let's get started with one of the first verses we like to teach our kiddos, remembering that it does apply to us all!

My challenge to myself this week is to use scripture to challenge disobedience in our home. Remember, while I have three "olders" here, we still do have a 6 year old in the trenches of training.  Instead of mom reacting with impatience, anger or foolishness, I want to react with the a word of God this week. When we are taught to desire to please Jesus, it is my guess we will please others as well.  Even mom and dad! ;)

Have a great week with this verse.  I would love to hear how your family is doing with this challenge.


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  1. We haven't started implementing these yet, as our homeschool schedule hasn't really gotten fully on track yet. Hopefully by the end of the month we can join you, if not exactly like and what you're doing, at least in the concept of memorizing scripture on purpose as a family. :) Thanks for the inspiration! I think we know this scripture already (maybe without the reference address though). I appreciate your linking up with 52 Weeks series! Have a blessed week!


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